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Quest for Magic

When your cat loves the handsome man next door, how can you keep the distance necessary to preserve your sanity?
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Jonothan thinks he can easily lure Hayley into his bed. After all, she’s an actress, isn’t she? But Hayley has never allowed a man near her, and she’s not about to break her rules for the man known as the London Lothario. She refuses to even speak to him, even though he’s her neighbor. It takes patience and a kind of longing Jono never knew to get her to accept his dinner invitation.

When her young sister comes to visit she is pursued by a pedophile. Jono must try to save them all, hoping that if he can do so Hayley will see the man he can be. And then the pedophile focuses on revenge…and Hayley.

Title Quest for Magic
Series Songs of the Mages
Author Jean Hart Stewart
Genre Romance
Release July 5, 2016
Designer SuzieDesigns
Length 214 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-812-6
Price $5.99
Tags Romance, reluctant heroine, persistent hero, British actress, British stage, pedophile villain, beautiful cat. Manx cat
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He’d dropped a light kiss on her lips after he opened the door for her. It didn’t stay light long, and he put his hands on her shining hair and felt her respond, leaning toward him. Encouraged, he deepened the kiss for a moment and let it grow longer and hotter, his tongue pressing against her lips, tempting them to open. Her lips parted, and he dipped into her mouth, touching her tongue, withdrawing quickly only to have her follow, caressing his lips, playfully seeking out his tongue, touching it tentatively. Her hands held his waist, and it was all he could do not to press his hips against her body, showing her how much he needed her. All of her. Only the fear he’d gone too far and too fast stopped him, and he reluctantly pulled away, lowering his arms. She looked at him with such puzzled eyes, he grabbed her again and kissed her one last, heated time.

To his delight, she made no move to step away and only his concern he’d make an irreparable mistake enabled him to step back.He did not want to frighten her. She was already worried about his reputation, and he did not want her to think she was going to be just another one of his conquests. Those days were gone, although that was a startling thought. He had to win Hayley’s trust first by showing how deeply he felt for her.

“Good night, Hayley,” he breathed against her lips, her own breath still hot on his skin. He forced himself to run down her steps and up his own. He’d been afraid to linger, although he waited to see her open her door and step in. He was afraid he might grab her and try to use the sexual magnetism sparking between them to rush her. Her beautiful eyes had looked astonished and frightened before she lowered her lids. She seemed puzzled by her own reaction. She wasn’t ready for what he craved, and he’d settle for nothing less. If he pushed her now, he might lose her. Her kisses, though they set his blood on fire, were those of one innocent in the art of love.When he took her, he wanted no regrets. He no longer doubted she’d be his, but he didn’t think it would be nearly as soon as he craved. Her eyes had shown a fear and bewilderment he needed time to erase.

She possessed a magic that drew him, a magic more potent than his own. If he only knew how to lure her as powerfully as she’d ensnared him.

It was time to plan a serious campaign—something he’d never thought of doing before. By Merlin’s mercy, he seemed to have stumbled on the key to Hayley’s heart. Her enchanting mind must be engaged as well as her heart.He’d build from there until he had her in his bed. He’d missed such intelligent conversation more than he’d realized. His family regularly engaged in spirited discussions, forcing each one to think furiously how to defend his viewpoint. What he’d never expected was that arguing an intellectual topic might help win a girl.

With Hayley, he should have. But then he’d never in his amorous life thought to plot a campaign for a woman’s interest. He’d never imagined it was needed. He shut off his mind to his family once again. He wanted to dwell on Hayley’s beauty, the mischievous way she looked at him from under her eyelashes when she was about to issue another challenging statement.

He was scared to death. She was creeping deep into his heart in a way he’d never expected. At least she now conversed with him without animosity. He’d be a true coward if he turned away.

He didn’t want to be a coward, did he?

He found this decision easy. She was a challenge he’d no intention of dodging. He must have her. His body would find no peace until he got her into his bed and explored her alluring body.

Even this might not be enough. He wanted the mind and the creative intellect he’d discovered. Hayley was so special, in so many ways beyond just the physical joy of bedding her.

Was he turning into some kind of idiot?

* * * *

Hayley almost ran to her bedroom, scooping up Sheba on the way and holding her close. Then she shut the door as if demons were coming up the stairs and plopped down on her bed.

What on earth had come over her? She knew his reputation, knew it well. Of course he’d be completely capable of sweeping an inexperienced girl off her feet. She’d thought she was quite good at refusing importunate men. She’d never allowed anyone to go beyond one kiss, which she now suspected didn’t really qualify as a kiss to one of Jono’s mesmerizing capabilities. She’d just refuse to go out with him again. He was temptation personified, and she didn’t have the time or the desire to be just another conquest.

Still, she found herself undressing slowly, hesitating as the memory of his kisses kept insinuating itself into her unusually warm body. Her skin tingled. Her breasts felt sensitive when she removed her bra. She couldn’t resist pressing between her legs as she pulled down her panties. Her body felt alive and finally, as she crept into bed, she settled down to relive the evening with Jono—definitely the most marvelous evening she’d ever enjoyed with a man.

What a shame she couldn’t trust his words or his seductive kisses.

What a damned, damned shame.







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