Rebels' World

A people must fight to gain their homeworld. If they win, they must fight to keep her. Will they succeed?
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Author: P. M. Griffin

Stellar Patrol Colonel Brian Dowling is assigned to assist in the evacuation of a severely oppressed population from their original place on Terra and to accompany them to their new homeworld.

A heavily armed private army determined to annihilate the emigrants sweeps down on the spaceport. In the furious battle that ensues, only the raw courage and determination of the outnumbered rear guard, led by Dowling and Grace Forrest, admiral of their new planet’s navy, allows the final starships to escape the planned destruction.

Once on their new world, the colonists are welcomed by those who had arrived in earlier, secret waves and begin to settle in. It is a rich planet but one with its share of perils. Dowling, Forrest, and their associates encounter threats from deadly local life forms and from massive storms of almost inconceivable violence, but the worst danger they must face comes from the stars. A powerful battle fleet hurtles toward their solar system intent on obliterating the settlement.

Forrest prepares her navy to challenge it. Defeat is all-too-possible, and Dowling assists in organizing the on-world defense, grimly aware that it may have to become a resistance should their defenders fail to destroy the assailants.

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Title Rebels' World
Author P.M. Griffin
Genre Science Fiction
Release May 30, 2017
Designer Charlotte Volnek
ISBN 978-1-77127-923-9
Price $5.99
Tags combat, colonization, cultural persecution, wildlife attack, animals, hurricane, dogs, character development and relationships



Dowling braced himself with almost primal desperation. The journey to the coast had been bad. The attempted return was sheer terror. The force of the gale had increased exponentially and now threatened to sweep the heavy vehicle off its wheels.

Cartwright was hunched over the controls, fighting to keep on some semblance of a course. The machine shuddered and swerved under the hammering of the wind. Twice, it spun completely around, as if it were a child’s toy or a two-class freighter caught in the grip of a major magnetic or electric storm in deep space.

The colonel could not stifle a gasp as he felt the transport lift. It rose less than an inch and was back on the ground a bare instant later, but for that brief span of time, the norther had taken it for a fact.

Hunter did not turn his head. “Another ten minutes, and we’re airborne to stay,” he muttered in a voice audible only to the man sitting beside him.

He need say no more. Both of them knew this was it. They would not be able to reach their refuge, and to remain without a solid defense around them was to die.




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