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Rodeo Daze

Jim Kildare is determined to win Renee’s heart. Plans go haywire thanks to Grandma Dixie Sue and ghost sightings.
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Author: Elle Druskin

Book 5 in The Liberty Heights Series

Genre  Contemporary Romance

Tags  Contemporary romance, romantic humor, small town romance, happily ever after romance, romance series

Release  September 2013

Editor  Gloria Oren

Line Editor  Penny Ehrenkranze

Cover Designer  Winterheart Designs

Words  50657

Pages  215

ISBN  978-1-77127-400-5

Price  $5.50


Back Cover 

It’s the Liberty Heights Stampede! B-grade actress Paulette Stone finally lands a great movie role. The catch? Equestrian skills required. Clueless Paulette turns to Jim Kildare for help but Paulette is hopeless. The solution? Import former rodeo champion Grandma Dixie Sue Kildare so Jim can concentrate on trying to romance Renee Landis, winner of the world’s worst first date contents.

While Renee does her best to ignore her feelings for Jim, Dixie Sue runs riot in Liberty Heights with her riding school, backyard sales and matchmaking. Then there’s the ghost haunting LouAnn Freedbush’s house complicated by sister BettyAnn’s failure at witch college and root beer addiction. What does psychic Wayne predict? Who is the ghost haunting LouAnn’s basement? Can Jim lasso Renee and win her heart?



Boy, Jim’s grandma was really something. Renee had to wonder about the rest of the family, especially Ivy and the boyfriend that had Dixie Sue is such a snit.

Lou Ann pointed to the kitchen. “Pot’s on the stove. I couldn’t lift it.”

Jim wandered into the kitchen, and as if drawn by a magnet, Renee followed.

“That’s a funny looking pot,” Dixie Sue said.

Lou Ann flushed. “I didn’t have a big enough pot for so many people. It’s a cauldron. Borrowed it from my sister. Betty Ann is nearly a witch.”

Pride dripped from Lou Ann’s voice.

Renee squeezed her eyes shut. Just when Lou Ann started to act normal, she had to go and say something insane. Betty Ann was nowhere to be seen. Probably hiding upstairs, trying to cast a spell. No wonder the darned house had such a weird reputation. It figured Lou Ann and her sister would be in residence.

Dixie Sue stirred the contents, dipped a wooden spoon inside, and tasted the concoction. She licked again and shook her head.

“Not bad. Needs more chili. Not a lot.”

Lou Ann pointed to the pantry. Dixie Sue wandered over and glanced through the open doorway that divided the kitchen from the hall. She halted in front of the door under the staircase.

“What’s that?”

Lou Ann shrugged. “A door. I don’t have the key. I’ll have to get Ed to change the lock I guess.”

Dixie Sue snorted. “That’s no problem.”

She reached into her pocket and withdrew a pistol. Renee’s eyes widened. Hayley Marx yelped. Jim slapped his forehead.

Before he could stop her, Dixie Sue took aim and blasted the door. Holes peppered the wood, and the lock disappeared. Dixie Sue blew on the pistol’s barrel.

“Haven’t lost my touch. Always was a good shot.”

Alice Finster ran in with her revolver drawn. Jake, Woody, and a few others gaped at the door, glanced at Dixie Sue, and back at her handiwork. Alice studied the door, or what was left of it, and holstered her weapon. “Nice shooting,” she said.

Palpitations thudded in Renee’s chest. She swayed and for a second, thought she might faint. Jim snaked his arm around her waist and forced her into a kitchen chair.

“Head down. Take it easy.”

Deep breath. Renee’s pulse raced. She lifted her head. That Morty guy stuck a camera in her face.

“This is terrific. Could be the best movie I ever made. Better than The Secret Life of Cell Phones. This town is loaded with artistic possibilities.”

Jim hooked his hand around Renee’s elbow. “You need to get something to eat, and then we’re getting out of here before something else happens.”

Gratitude flooded Renee’s heart. Jim was right. If she didn’t get away from this insanity, she’d scream. She allowed him to lead her into the dining room where he grabbed some plates, heaped on food, and handed one to her.

“Don’t overeat,” he said, between bites of chicken. “We’re going out to dinner. Or a movie. Or bowling. Anything you want, as long as we don’t have Dixie Sue, Paulette, Gabe, or anyone else in tow. I’ve had enough of group dates.”

Group dates. Like a groupon. Renee shivered. She had to wonder how he expected a date, a real date, to end. No big deduction. Not after the expensive gift. How would she avoid that? Did she really want to?

Renee forced a bite of food past the lump in her throat. She’d been starving, and Lou Ann turned out to be a pretty good cook. Her appetite vanished, and she wasn’t at all surprised when Wayne snatched the chicken out of her hand and ran away. Maybe that’s what she should do, too, run away. Somehow, it didn’t seem like an option. Not in Liberty Heights. Jim had a predatory gleam in his eye. He’d track her down. Maybe he had a gun like Dixie Sue, and he’d come galloping up to her door on Sugar, like a Wild West bandit.

Lord, she was losing her mind. Maybe going out with Jim wasn’t a bad idea. He could write a prescription for a sedative because it seemed pretty clear she’d finally gone completely around the twist.



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