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Cowboy in my Sights

Erik Ryan has no idea how dangerous reporter Rosa London might be—either to his family’s ranch or his heart.
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Author: Lynde Lakes

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Cowboy in my Sights

by Lynde Lakes

Genre Western Romantic Intrique

Tags Cowboy, horses, ranch, enemies

Imprint MuseItUp

Release February 2015

Content Editor Sharon Pickrel

Line Editor Nancy Canu

Cover Designer Charlotte Volnek

Pages 181

ISBN 978-1-77127-669-6

Price $5.50

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Reporter Rosa Del Fuego London wants revenge, and to expose what she is sure are illegal activities surrounding the Ryan ranch, the Bar R. Except now that she has Erik Ryan in her sights, she finds her fierce loyalty to her own family being tested by her growing attraction to the handsome cowboy. And the more she involves herself with life on the Bar R, the more she is certain that revealing her own dark secrets will ruin any chance she might have with Erik—or will it?

Erik Ryan wants to believe that the fiery Latin trespasser is telling the truth, but suspects that handing Rosa his heart may be dangerous to more than just him—it may endanger his entire family. With his family telling him one thing and his heart telling him another, what will it take to strip away Rosa’s pretenses—and his defenses—to discover the truth?


With everyone at odds, she’d lived her whole life in a pressure cooker. Now, with her grandfather and brothers forcing her to invade the Ryan holdings, it could all blow up in her face.

She released a long breath, lifted her chin, and fought the mounting pressure squeezing her lungs. In the distance, gusts of dust spiraled up from the desert floor as a rider galloped her way in a thunder of hooves. Her stomach knotted. Furtively, she tucked the binoculars away in the saddlebag, next to her camera and .38, and plastered a smile on her face.

The rider dug his knees into the red Quarter Horse’s flanks, yanked on the reins, and brought the handsome piece of horseflesh to a stop. “This is private property, ma’am,” the cowboy drawled in a tight voice. He rode up, close and intimidating, his mount facing her black Mustang, both animals stomping in place and snorting.

She tilted her head. Could she handle this impressive opponent? The strong, angled lines of his jaw, and those lips that seemed determined not to smile told her this cowpoke intended to give her trouble. She bit her lip and looked him up and down. A well-muscled man like him would be a challenge.

She couldn’t stop staring. His nose was straight and even, cheekbones high and hard. Tar-black hair fell in wispy strands over his forehead and contributed to his bad boy appearance. He sat tall in the saddle, alert, almost coiled. However, it wasn’t until her scrutiny reached his eyes that the full impact of this cowboy’s intensity hit her.

Her breath caught in her throat. Those heavily lashed eyes reminded her of her first crush in the third grade. The fantasy of meeting someone like that mesmerizing boy had lasted all these years—and now that someone was staring at her, returning her daring scrutiny.

She trembled at the distant call of a hawk—or was it a reaction to the predatory demeanor of the Stetson-wearing, muscled mass of trouble blocking her way? If I make a run for it, could Missile outrun his horse? Or if he forces me to dismount, can I take him?



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