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Dangerous Desire

Historical Romance: A chance encounter when she was lost on the moors brought Hannah into the world of Nicholas, Duke of Trenton.
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Author: Lesley Field

A chance encounter when she was lost on the moors brought Hannah into the world of Nicholas, Duke of Trenton. Although she is still a child he is struck by her beauty, but before he is able to discover more she flees his home, leaving him with a sense of loss and a feeling that his life has been touched by something he has yet to understand.

Some two years later, he comes upon his late night visitor at a society ball. She is no longer a child but a beautiful young maiden in her first season. He is not intending to lose her a second time. But first he needs to be rid of his current mistress, Lady Catherine Stanton. But Catherine is not one to be easily swept aside.

Will marriage bring the happiness he desires, or will the scheming of his mistress tear the couple apart. And can Hannah forgive Nicholas for bringing back into her life the governess who had mistreated her so badly in her youth?

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Dangerous Desire
Book 3: Duchess in Danger Series
Lesley Field
Releasing November 12, 2019
Historical Fiction Romance
ISBN 978-1-77392-044-3
Price $5.99
Regency romance, duchess, mistress, London, marriage and duty, death, revenge


“You will do as you are instructed,” the governess challenged her.

“I would if I could, but the pain is too great,” said Hannah appealing to her.

“Pain is good for the soul, Hannah. For those who transgress and disobey they must suffer pain to be forgiven. So sit.” The last two words were almost spat out.

It took all of her courage not to cry out as her derriere came to rest on the hard wooden seat of the desk. Once seated, the pain gradually eased but Miss Redwood kept her in the schoolroom for six hours, during which she was made to stand up and write on the board, then stand up and read. Every movement was agony, but Hannah would not give her the satisfaction of seeing her cry. The tears would remain unshed until she was safely back in her room. She hated this woman and would be thankful when she reached an age when a governess was no longer needed.

No one spoke again of what had happened that day but it was a day that she would never forget. The one matter for which she was grateful was that she had travelled home alone. She could only imagine what would have taken place had her arrival home been with her reluctant host of the previous night.



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