Eagle’s Ledge

Two farms, one purpose. Two hearts, one love, but that love is challenged. Can it conquer, or is it doomed?
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Author: P. M. Griffin

Nuala Peadar, the beautiful owner of Seanagloree farm, has reconnected with her reclusive neighbor, Donal Jer, only to have him propose marriage to her twice in as many days. The first time, she refuses politely, the second time hotly, declaring she will have no man wedding her out of pity. However, after seeing the prodigious amount of work he has done on his farm, Eagle’s Ledge, she agrees to enter into partnership with him so that each can assist the other in the working of their lands.

Their relationship intensifies after she discovers him severely injured by his valuable but treacherous bull. Nuala first secures the animal at considerable risk to herself, then rides for help. She remains with Donal, first as nurse, then as an aide. As the weeks go by and they continue to work closely together, they both recognize the feeling that has grown between them, but it seems doomed to wither unfulfilled. Shadows, old and new, loom over the man, and the irresponsibility of Nuala’s brother brings tragedy to their closest friends. Can they breach these barriers and win through to the life they long to build together?

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Title Eagle's Ledge
Author P.M. Griffin
Genre Romance
Release February 20, 2018
Designer Charlotte Volnek
Length 209 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-995-6
Price $5.99
Tags farm, animals, bull, romance


He reached the pasture and vaulted the gate without bothering to unlatch it.

Laughing at his own high spirits, he approached the bull field. “You probably won’t be here to see them, poor fellow, but some remarkable things are going to happen at Eagle’s Ledge over the next few years.”

The animal was restive and retreated to the back of his pasture, then disappeared altogether into the shadows of the shelter.

“Come on out, Bucko,” the man called in good natured command, “or I just might leave you to drown down here.”

Donal knew he would have to drive the bull out. The big black probably sensed he was to be moved and wanted no part of the change.

His owner unlatched the gate and went inside. He waited there to see if the animal would come out into the open again.

The master of Eagle’s Ledge did not mind this delay overmuch, though he was more conscious than ever of the cold. What did a single inconvenience matter in an otherwise excellent day?

It certainly had turned out far better than he might rightly have hoped. Nuala Peadar had refused his name, but he had good hope she had left herself open to his courting. If he did not make an ass of himself in some way, he still had a very good chance of winning her.

His eyes closed as the image of Nuala’s elfin features and wonderful blue eyes flashed before his mind. He had to win her.

An angry bellow from out of the dark brought him momentarily back to the present. “You might as well shut up,” Donal told his bull irritably. “You’ll have to go with me anyway.”

He sighed. The brute was apparently determined to make this a difficult as possible, but, then, little had ever been easy either for him or for Nuala Peadar. Hard work had come to them both along with their land, and both had proven themselves the equal of it.

The man’s expression gentled. The mistress of Seanagloree was so much more than the shrewd, skilled farmer most of the parish chose to see. She was a warm, compassionate woman, a woman marvelously responsive to the needs of others. The speed with which she had set aside her own anger to lift the hurt she had seen in him was testimony to that.

Eagle’s Ledge’s master straightened. This would never get his bull out of that shelter or himself out of this infernal cold.

He swung the gate wide and anchored it back with a large, round stone kept nearby for the purpose. There would be quite enough to occupy him in a few minutes without having to worry about opening a gate as well.

His new partner would probably have disapproved very strongly of his attempting to move the bull alone while he was enraged, but he could not wait around for someone to come by every time he wanted to handle the troublesome animal. Even the mistress of Seanagloree would have conceded that in the end. She was too realistic to judge otherwise.

He smiled softly. Life had forced a sensible practicality on Nuala, but there was the dreamer in her, too, well regulated and controlled, perhaps, but strong for all that. She had caught his vision, his purpose, so quickly…

He was suddenly and completely returned to his surroundings by a bellow of utter rage from within the shelter.

The bull was charging!

The master of Eagle’s Ledge had entered the narrow structure himself and could not leap aside.

A sharp blow of his mountaineer’s stick across the nose might have stopped the animal, but his hand was empty.

Donal Jer sprang back, already knowing it was too late. There was no escaping the terrible black fury tearing out of the shadows toward him.

He had a glimpse of small eyes glinting brightly, mad and certain of purpose, before the great head lowered.

Something struck his stomach with awful force, piercing it. Donal pushed hard with both hands against the massive, blood-spattered forehead, trying desperately to lift himself off before he was ripped completely open.

He nearly succeeded, but the horn was too long. When the bull tossed his head in a savage jerk to rid himself of his victim’s weight, its tip was still in the wound. It tore upward over the ribs before freeing itself frighteningly near the neck.

Such was the creature’s strength and the violence of his movements that Donal was thrown over the full length of his back to strike heavily against the stone wall of the shelter.

He remained conscious for a brief instant longer but had the sense left to remain still and silent.

      he bull’s roars continued some time, for the scent of blood reinforced his rage, that and the returning bellows from the surrounding mountains.

Gradually, he quieted, and finally, he began to feed again. The motionless figure of the man no longer interested him.










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