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Light My Fire - Liberty Heights Book 4

It’s campaign season! Mayor Woodrow Wilson is running for re-election while widowed Kara is campaigning for his heart.
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Author: Elle Druskin

Book Four in The Liberty Heights Series

Genre  Humorours Contemporary Romance

Tags  Small town romance, romantic humor, contemporary romance, series, happily ever after romance

Release  June 14, 2013

Editor  Gloria Oren

Line Editor  Penny Ehrenkranz

Cover Designer  Winterheart Designs

Words  52523

Pages  205

ISBN  978-1-77127-344-2

Price  $5.50

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Widowed single mother Kara Wilson has a lot more in common with Liberty Heights mayor and fire chief Woodrow Wilson than either realize. Both are secretly in love with the other, not daring to hope their dreams can come true. With the help of the “Miracle Dress” and Wayne’s psychic predictions, Kara and Woody just might have a chance for a happily ever after, Liberty Heights style.


Her lower lip trembled and without thinking, Woody slid his arms around her waist and pulled her against his chest. She snuggled closer, and a zing shot through his center and straight to parts south.

“It’s okay, Kara. I’ll take care of things.” Woody soothed her.

Kara sniffed. “Sorry. I’m not usually a crybaby, but it’s an awful mess at home, and I can’t get any time off. Judge Finster is usually very understanding. He lets me off early to get Phoebe from school, but he’s got a full docket after the summer vacation, and there’s nobody to take my place at court.”

A big tear trickled down Kara’s cheek, and Woody couldn’t help thinking how much he wanted to catch that tear in his mouth and proceed to those pouty lips. Without thinking, Woody pressed his lips to Kara’s head. Not a real kiss, just a friendly sign of affection. Her long hair that matched her eyes smelled of apples and cinnamon. Kind of like home. Like the way he remembered running into the kitchen after school when he was a kid. Homey. Comforting. The place you always wanted to return to where you felt safe and loved.

“This whole thing was my fault,” Woody said. Guilt overwhelmed him again. Hadn’t he promised Brian if anything happened he’d take care of Kara and Phoebe? “I should have been taking better care of you.”

Kara leaned back. Her eyes narrowed.

“Brian. That’s what’s bothering you, isn’t it? Do you ever see me? Kara. A person. Do you know anything about me? My favorite color? My favorite flower? Why does this always have to come back to Brian?”

She wrenched away from him, stomped inside, and slammed the door.

Woody stared at the brass knocker on the door. What the heck got into Kara? Didn’t he know everything about her? That she loved romantic movies, Italian food, and the smell of the ocean. Kara loved flowers and puppies and ice-skating on the lake in the winter. How could she think he didn’t know everything about her?

What did he do wrong? One minute she was melting into him which felt more than pretty good. Heck, it was dynamite. He’d been ready to kiss that pouty mouth. Good thing he knew how to practice restraint. The next thing, Kara all but spit in his face. Women. Who could figure them out?


Coming Soon in The Liberty Heights Series:

Book 5 Rodeo Daze

It’s the Liberty Heights Stampede! B-grade actress Paulette Stone finally lands a great movie role. The catch? Equestrian skills required. Clueless Paulette turns to Jim Kildare, doctor and former cowboy for help but Paulette is hopeless. The solution? Import former rodeo champion Grandma Dixie Sue Kildare so Jim can concentrate on trying to romance Renee Landis, winner of the world’s worst first date contents.

While Renee does her best to ignore her feelings for Jim, Dixie Sue runs riot in Liberty Heights with her riding school, backyard sales and matchmaking. Then there’s the ghost haunting LouAnn Freedbush’s house complicated by sister BettyAnn’s failure at witch college and addiction problem with root beer. What does psychic Wayne predict? Who is the ghost in the LouAnn’s basement? Can Jim lasso Renee and win her heart?






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