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Midnight Find

Broken plans plus Vegas risks equal Tina’s dreams.
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Rating: 5/5
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Genre: Sweet Romance

Release: August 2011

Editor: Antonia Tiranth

Line editor: Penny Ehrenkranz

Cover artist: Suzannah Safi

Word count: 4866

Pages: 23

ISBN: 978-1-927085-37-0

Price: $1.99


Left at the alter, Tina decides to take her Vegas honeymoon.  Her orderly life plans of marriage, motherhood, and togetherness in shambles, she throws caution to the wind and checks out the dating service, Distinguished Dates.

A midnight dinner with a bald, red-bearded, cartoon dog-sneakered stranger brings more than her dreams alive.


Walking into the offices of Distinguished Dates was akin to walking in my grandmother's house. Those were my first impressions. Warmth; home; belonging; comfort. A place to relax. For a dating service, their interior designer sure got the at-ease feeling down pat.

Who wouldn't feel secure here? And then there's Marie. Soothing happiness just glowed from her.

"All right, Tina, have you found Mr. Right?" Marie asked, smiling as I returned from their viewing room.

"I believe I've found Mr. Let's See." I couldn’t help but laugh as Marie rubbed her hands in a mad scientist manner.

Joining my laughter, Marie took the tape and looked up the corresponding file.

"Ahh, Mr. 666sxx. Hmmm, now doesn't that sound devilish?  Well he's a redhead...even if it's only growing on his face...and you know what they say about us redheads."  Marie winked.

"Stop, Marie, if I laugh much more, I'll pee myself."  I hiccupped as I sat down opposite Marie’s desk. It’s like I’d known Marie my entire life. Which was just as well since I spilled my whole life story to the Distinguished receptionist.

"So, when would you like to meet Mr. Devilish?" asked Marie. "He's indicated any time, day or night.”

"Hmm, how about the stroke of midnight. Seems to fit with the devil image."

"Sounds good. Here’s to the start of something new...and fiery, we hope. I'll call and arrange for him to meet you...where?"

"The hotel lobby. I'll be the one in red."

"Right you are. Midnight at Desert Dreams."


Christine I Steeves has combined a love story with a twist that will have you saying…well so many things. A fun ending that will challenge what you think you know. -FMAM Review by Dr. Cynthia Lea Clark 5STARS...READ FULL REVIEW

Midnight Find is a sweet story with a little bit of romance, and an unusual twist at the end...All I can say is that the phrase, "don't judge a book by its cover" takes on a whole deeper meaning to me now. Book Wenches-3.5...READ FULL REVIEW




Tuesday, 03 September 2013
I LOVE Christine I. Steeves because she writes with an honest heart and an honest voice. Her heroines are REAL, down-to-earth people with substance, who aren't walking perfections that slip into skin molding size four dresses and back torturing size four stiletto heels, all the while holding their expertly coiffed...not a hair out of place...ever...heads held high. NO...Christine's women have curves, and not always in a perky way they wish for; they have calluses on their hands because, they actually do more than sit all day admiring themselves in their polished mirrors.

They're women who have, horror upon horror...RUNS in their brand new panty hose...the one's they just bought on their way here to replace the ones that ran when they opened the pack to put on before coming here. These are women whose friends look at their nose to the grindstone tenacity, shake their heads and busily start lining up one disastrous blind date after another to break them away from that evil, all consuming grindstone. Just exactly like this one is going to turn out to be. Christine writes about REAL women...like me, the real Ladybug Lin.

Can you tell I'm a Christine Steeves fan?


It's short, fast and delightful. You'll love, love, love it too and come to love Christine I Steeves as much as I do too, The woman has a wicked sense of humor.



Down-to-Earth authors.

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