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The Curse of Cain

Marks can be covered, hidden, buried. But a curse—there’s no escape.
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Author: J.P. Barry

Desperately seeking the truth, unwilling to stop until he gets what he wants, Cain ‘Angel’ Montgomery abandons everything to find the one woman who saw behind his mask of lies and deception, Olivia Fox. Fueled by a lethal combination of narcissistic rage and love, Cain is on a mission.

Newly retired Special Agent Olivia Fox is painfully realizing you can’t go home after being away for so long. Trying to leave her spy days behind, ignoring lingering feelings for her former partner Jaxon Sage, attempting to forget Cain, and adjusting to the bombshell dropped on her last day at the CIA, Olivia is struggling to keep her head above water.

When Cain and Olivia’s worlds collide for a second time, they become tangled in the past, but strangled by the future. Tension runs high as Olivia falls into a downward spiral, hitting rock bottom when Ivan Popov and Alexi Romanoff escape from a government top secret Black site, kidnapping Cain.

How far is too far for Cain, and what is Olivia willing to give up for love?

Coming soon in paperback.

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Title The Curse of Cain
Series The Cain Trilogy: Book 2
Author JP Barry
Genre Romantic Suspense
Release April 24, 2018
Designer Eerilyfair Design
Length 226 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-998-7
Price $5.99
Tags romance, suspense, psychological suspense, CIA, marines, stripper, terrorism, spy, government




“Liv! Wake up. You’re having a bad dream,” Neil said, nudging me back to consciousness.

“Neil?” I replied, wiping sweat from my forehead.

“Are you okay?” He placed his arms around me.


“You were calling for Jax and moaning in what seemed like pain. What was the dream about?”

“An old assignment. It’s nothing. Everything is fine. Promise.” The heat of cheeks flushing out of embarrassment caused a massive hot flash. Not wanting to push Neil away, the internal fire continued to blaze.

“Night terror?”

“No, no. Nothing like that.”

“Can I get you anything?”

“A cold bottle of water would be great. Thank you.”

Neil got up and went to the kitchen. Guilt and shame settled in. This wasn’t the first time I’d dreamt of Jax sexually, and it had to stop.

“Here you go.” Neil handed me a bottle. “Want to talk about it?”

“I’m one of the greatest psychological minds the CIA ever saw, and can’t seem to figure out how to chase away certain thoughts. Why am I this weak? What happened to me? I used to be stronger than this.”

“You’re not weak. You’ve been through a lot. Allow everything to play out naturally. Eventually, the storm slows, peace arrives, and whatever’s been bothering, moves along. I go through the same thing and can say with certainty, forcing the thoughts away is the worst thing someone could do. Feeling frustrated is normal. Experience the emotion, then let it go. Come here,” he said, pulling us closer.

“I love you, Neil.”

“I love you too. Everything is going to be all right.”

Desperately, my heart wanted to believe that.







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