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The Darker The Night

Hell hath no fury like a demon scorned.
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Author: J.P. Barry

After narrowly surviving a war between the Angels and Demons on Earth, Lost Soul, Chase James, and Mortal Angel, Nina Luther, must come to terms with their divine fates.

The problem?

Which strength will emerge from Chase’s soul? Angelic or Demonic?

When confusion and fear collide within Chase and Nina’s worlds, will they survive as one, or fall from grace?

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  Title The Darker The Night
  Series The Nearer The Dawn Saga: Book 2
  Author J.P. Barry
  Genre New Adult Paranormal Romance
  Release August 1, 2017
  Designer Eerilyfair Design
  Length 287 pages
  ISBN 978-1-77127-932-1
  Price $5.99
  Tags Angels, Demons, God, Heaven, Hell, Mortal Angels, Mortal Demons, Lost Souls, the Devil


Truth & Consequence—I

My Dearest Love,

Something’s wrong—horribly wrong. I can feel it. After writing our last letter, my soul shuttered with realization, then fear. This will be hard to comprehend, it still is for me, but you must believe every word. Lying is not, and never will be an option. For only you, total transparency exists.

I’m a prophet, and darkness like the world has never seen before is rising. What the Mortals and Immortals have once feared will now become a reality.

I can see, feel, experience, and am aware of things no one, living or dead, should. How else would one know the World’s creation in its entire truth, when those like Michael, Raphael, and your father don’t? They’re Archangels who hold swords—not a simple Guardian. The Arcs are God’s messengers, His most fierce warriors. Guardians are merely protectors of those in need.

Allow me time to explain. When my soul passed, its fate had been determined immediately in Purgatory. At the time, much stock wasn’t placed in the experience, but looking back, it’s obvious. I fear after reading this you’ll no longer love or want me—please, do not abandon me. I need you.

Here goes nothing…

Mortal life was fairly typical. Of course there were hardships, but the good always outweighed the bad. Dwelling on this would be useless. Nothing exceptional happened during this time. Death is when things became questionable. Without causing the emotional distress pertaining to the details of my untimely demise, it could best be summed up as brutal. I’d been working for Scotland Yard as an undercover detective when the assumed cover was blown—beaten and tortured for days, until the world slipped away. Honestly, death had been what I’d been praying for immediately after the moment of capture.

The brief stay in Purgatory is when everything should’ve been realized, but hindsight is always twenty/twenty. I must end here. Michael is calling. The idea of trust is elusive these days. Michael, Raphael and Gabriel are family. If they can’t be trusted, who can?


Your Betrothed









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