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The Darkest Before the Dawn

The calm before the storm…
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Author: J.P. Barry

Wed by evil, but saved by good, Mortal Angels Chase James and Nina Luther have finally found a scrap of peace and balance within both worlds—the calm before the storm. Enter the Angel Gabriel. Tortured by a heart filled with revenge, he sets his sights on Nina. Fueled by desire from an unknown force, will Gabriel ruin the bond between Chase and Nina, or will Chase’s obsession with eliminating Vincent destroy everything, including himself?

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Title The Darkest Before the Dawn
Series The Nearer the Dawn Saga
Author JP Barry
Release December 12, 2017
Length 314 PAGES
E-ISBN 978-1-77127-968-0
P-ISBN 978-1-77127-969-7
Designer Eerilyfair Design
Tags Angels, Demons, God, Heaven, Hell, Mortal Angels, Mortal Demons, Lost Souls, the Devil


And so we continue…

Michael angrily paced the space awaiting the arrival of his sons. If tightly balled fists weren’t enough to prove edgy annoyance, deeply knit brows and a scowl definitely did. As if the events of the evening and the answers The Elders would require weren’t enough, he now had to contend with them. Grateful both boys were unharmed, but anxious and irritated with them equally.

Orifiel had specifically been warned to forget what the stars revealed, but did that happen? No. Michael supposed it could’ve been worse. Orifiel could’ve told the Mortal Angel and lost his wings. Thankfully, that hadn’t happened. Only vague hints were dropped culminating with Gabriel having contact with the girl, seeing and potentially realizing things he shouldn’t. But maybe, just maybe, this would turn out to be a good thing. A long, overdue war between the Heavens and Hell was on the horizon. With Gabriel being the best member of the army, the Mortal would be in no danger with him by her side. The girl would feel safe because of the bond, and Gabriel would protect at any cost. There’d be immediate trust and loyalty on both sides, but sometimes that didn’t always bode well. Nina and Gabriel were rather stubborn individuals. The other problem was convincing Gabriel to do a job Orifiel was usually sent to do. He’d have questions, tons of them, Michael was sure of this, but how to answer them? How could he tell his eldest son this Mortal was important and needed to be kept alive and guarded because she was more powerful than Raphael and shared a divine bond with him? Michael couldn’t, so he prayed Gabriel would follow his lead with blind faith and see the situation for its face value.

The Powers That Be do not make mistakes…or do they? Your Lord trusts them. You have to as well, but never forget they encompass no souls. The one Immortal trait which embodies a person’s moral and emotional nature, their sense of identity. No inner self means no conscience, which equals trouble, big trouble.

Michael had been in the company of The Thirteen on many occasions. Each visit left him feeling cold, emotionless and distant. It would take hours before normalcy and balance within would return. At the heart of the matter he truly believed Mortals, living and dead, were merely a game for them, but dare not ever share these true thoughts with anyone, not even his mate. Michael had to be a spiritual leader, a devout follower. For that was his calling.

Blind faith…what a joke.

Then there was the reveal. In order to clean up tonight’s disaster, he had to show himself to Jack and Ellen Luther—something seriously frowned upon unless absolutely necessary. Though it had to be done, the Luther’s had a right to know, having to lie and omit truths to Mortals created unsettling emotions.

“Father?” Gabriel spoke, entering the space, Orifiel close behind.

“Sit,” Michael instructed.

Neither Gabriel nor Orifiel sat. They simply stood, not moving an inch.

“Sit.” This time Michael spoke considerably louder.

After exchanging a brief glance, the two men followed direction and sat shoulder to shoulder across from where their father stood.

You are a messenger. An Archangel. You sit in my inner circle as one of the Elite Seven. Third in command in Heaven’s Army, and first in your own as an assassin. You hold a sword,” Michael spoke, pointing directly at Gabriel. “And you,” attention turned to Orifiel, “are a Guardian. More specifically, a Guardian Angel. You are a protector and my eyes and ears when I’m not available. And I am a Chief Archangel. The order in this room is Orifiel, Gabriel and me at the top. So, I ask myself, why must I stand here and explain your positions, and why haven’t either one of you listened to a damn word I’ve said these past few months?” His tone harsh, borderline infuriated.

His sons looked at one another. They both knew why their father was angered, but neither had an answer.

“Well?” Michael pressed.

“I eliminated the Demons you told me to,” Gabriel spoke up. He loved his younger brother and knew whoever spoke first, was bound to receive the brunt of Michael’s rage. He could handle it. Orifiel was weaker and softer. He felt obligated to protect him. Besides, Gabriel was aware of what he’d done wrong.

“I said to quickly and quietly take care of the situation. Not make it the final bloody act of a Shakespeare play,” Michael yelled. “It’s to my understanding you tortured your prey and then laughed before ending their suffering. Psychopathic lunatics do that, Gabriel. Not my Chief Assassin.”









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