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Author: Joanne Elder

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be changed. The chilling question for Dean Weston is: into what? By the time Dean comes face to face with the foreboding truth, it is too late. A mad man’s quest for ultimate knowledge and power has spawned true evil; an evil capable of tearing down moral barriers and leaving one thirsting for vengeance and retribution.

As this evil consumes those closest to Dean, he becomes unknowingly vulnerable, leaving him and the woman he loves in immeasurable danger. Struggling to destroy a malevolent energy life form he barely understands, Dean finds his own humanity coming into question. As his moral fibers start to unravel, Dean grasps at one last thread of hope and does the unthinkable.


by Joanne Elder  
Sci-Fi Thriller  



Sam’s story began about a week later. The facility was hanging by threads at this point with no boss, no big boss, and no big, big boss. A fancy suited man (pinstripe not black), tall for an Asian, arrived to try and maintain some order to the corporate anarchy that was festering within the walls. He said he was with Enertech, the huge power company that had recently thrown billions at the facility for research, and that he was only temporary. Nice guy, really, Sam thought, and the man gave Sam responsibility beyond his dreams.

Speaking of dreams, that’s how all this started—his rite of passage to a new era of enlightenment. But they weren’t dreams. They were nightmares. The really dark kind—when you’re not sure if you’re asleep or awake. Sometimes it was like a puppet show, right there in Sam’s bedroom with those creepy marionettes: some missing eyes, others half a face. They’d watch him as he slept, and then they’d start to perform. No matter which direction their heads turned, their fucked up eyes looked at him with the intensity of a forest fire beaming out of them—an all-encompassing fire, the kind that never goes out and burns with that yellowy-orange glow. They talked to him, those marionettes; they knew him better than he knew himself. They taught him who he really was; they showed him the way. And then he saw the light and not the figurative light: the true light. Let there be light! And there was light. It rose before him like the first sunrise, and he fell to his knees. “Retribution,” It told him.



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