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The new addition to Tandor’s harem is full of strange surprises.
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A Short Story by Joyce Holland

Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure

Tags: Earth after the wars,The future, Explorers on future Earth, Mutants, Super powers

Release: September 28, 2012

Editor: Fiona Young-Brown

Line Editor: Valerie Haley

Cover Designer: Winterheart Designs

Words: 3984

Price: $0.99

ISBN: 978-1-77127-128-8

Back Cover:

From the minute Tandor sees Nadina tossing colorful leaves gathered from the forest floor, he vows to add her to his harem.  His partner Zack is not so certain the decision is a good one. The fact that she can fly on her own, is cause for serious doubt.


The woman in the vermillion scarf did not retreat or hesitate. She came rushing to him, and stopped only a foot away. She reached out her hand and placed it over his chest. He felt a slight tingling sensation at her touch. His mind whirled. A vagueness overcame him and calmed his beating heart. She took his hand and drew him farther into the woods. Together they neared the edge of a dark vortex. Without warning, the woman embraced him tightly and they leaped into the abyss together. His vision blurred and every thought winked out briefly.

About the Author:

Joyce is the author of two other novels and a true crime. She has had more than two dozen short stories published. She and her husband, Tony, live on a small barrier island off Florida’s Emerald Coast, but spend much of their time traveling the rivers of America on their trawler, Code One.




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