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Seducing Simon

Troy had never given up faith in Simon, even though all the world condemns him as the worst of seducers.
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Can passion be enough?

Troy’s childhood passion for Simon has never dimmed, even though she’s grown and tried repeatedly to dismiss him from her mind. After all, he’s thoroughly disgraced and estranged from his family. Although an astonished Simon discovers he’s also in love with his childhood playmate, he knows he’s not worthy of her and can never claim her.

Troy must not only convince Simon of their love, she must discover the mystery of why he and his parents seem irreconcilable, and then attempt to clear his name.

It all seems impossible, especially since someone keeps trying to kill her!

Now she must also worry about staying alive.

Can even a beautiful Mage do all this?

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Title Seducing Simon
Series Songs of the Mages #3
Author Jean Hart Stewart
Genre Historical Romance
Release March 7, 2017
Designer MuseItUp Publishing
Length 163 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-913-0
Price $4.99
Tags Misjudged hero, faithful heroine, murdering villains, family secrets, revelations


She started to answer, and then stopped and took an indignant breath.

“If you didn’t stay out ‘til all hours of the night I wouldn’t have fallen asleep.”

He snorted. “Oh, no you don’t, Troy. I’ll not take any unmerited blame this time. Come in the house and warm up, and then I’ll drive you back to your hotel.”

He looked up and down the street, and seeing no one, opened his front door and ushered her in. True, he protected her from any chance vision by blocking her with his big body. He might not have meant it, but Troy felt protected and just a little warmer. Surely, his words meant this wasn’t the first time he’d taken blame he didn’t deserve.

Still fuming, he led her to a big armchair and brought a blanket and tucked it around her.

She shook her head at the brandy he offered.

“Troy, drink it or I’ll pour it down you. You’re white with fatigue and cold.”

His stance and expression both showed he’d do what he said, so Troy sipped at the potent drink, holding the brandy glass cradled in both hands.

Simon said not a word, just standing by her with the grimmest expression she’d ever seen.

The thought of sleeping in Simon’s bed brought instant heat to her cheeks. Simon stared at her. Troy knew her blush blossomed by the second, and she lowered her eyes. At least he finally recognized she was a woman.

“You’re beautiful, you know. It’s a good thing I’m more of a gentleman than you think. I always knew you’d be a lovely woman, but you’re even more than I expected.” His voice was husky and his warm eyes roamed over her briefly before returning to her face.

“Come, Troy. I’ll get you one of my shirts to sleep in. Get up as late as you please.” His grin flashed. “In fact, I hope you sleep really late. It’ll look better when I take you to the hotel.”

Troy certainly wouldn’t go back to the hotel tamely. She’d come here with some questions she intended to ask. But not now. Not now. They were both too tired.

She went upstairs, took off her own clothes, donned the shirt he’d provided, and climbed into his bed. Soon. She’d ask her questions soon. She pulled one of his pillows to her chest, seeking and scenting the faint aroma defining Simon. Hmm, a little bay rum and something else she couldn’t place. Some kind of sandalwood maybe? Smiling, she fell asleep, still hugging the pillow tight to her body.








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