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Shadow Walker

Learning to love and trust isn't easy. When Dean's attacked, there's a possibility he'll turn. Can were-tigers even love werewolves?
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Author: Mel Favreaux

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Shadow Walker

A Sanctuary Novel: Book II

by Mel Favreaux

Genre  Paranormal Romance

Tags  Werewolves, were-tigers, shape shifters, Native Americans.

Release  March 28, 2014

Editor  Gloria Oren

Line Editor  Judy Roth

Cover Designer  Cora Graphics

Words  72051

Pages  279

ISBN  978-1-77127-502-6

Price  $5.95


Back Cover

Being the only were-tiger in a predominantly werewolf sanctuary wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, but Amber Vaughn was glad to be able to rest easy. Emotionally and physically scarred from a traumatic childhood, her close relationship with the Alpha male and the incomparable bond she shares with his new mate, Casey, were unique.

In five years, she’d gone from beat-down oppression to Braedyn Walker’s second in command. While not ruthless, her strength and speed had served their community well.

Coming to terms with years of emotional turmoil, she found love, something she’d never considered possible, in the arms of a Guardian, Dean Maynard, Casey’s brother. An officer who polices supernatural, paranormal, and preternatural beings, his job was to protect the world from beings like her.

A relationship between a human and a Were could work, even when not designed by the fates. Dean is attacked by a werewolf, and ready or not, Amber’s newfound love is yanked from her grasp. There is no way the fates would condone a union between a tiger and a wolf.

Conflicted between her love, honor, and duty, does Amber have what it takes to handle the emotional turmoil or will she shut down again?



Dean gave her time to get settled before searching for her. If she was taking a nap, there was no reason why he couldn’t snuggle up and enjoy one as well.

The Sorenson mansion contained too many guest suites, sitting rooms, and geez, a library on each floor. Was that really necessary? After about the fifth room, the telltale sound of a shower informed him where she was. Closing the door behind himself, he thumbed the lock, too.

Creeping through the room, he stood in the doorway, watching her through the large glass encased shower. Clenching his jaw and letting out a measured breath, Dean tried to calm the wave of desire that slammed into him.

The water must have felt good because she leaned against the tile under the spray for a few minutes before turning it off. Dean placed himself just outside the shower door, and opened it, holding the towel out for her.

“I’m trying not to look.”

Amber laughed and stepped out. He wrapped her in the towel and smiled. “What are you doing up here?”

His gaze lingered over her. She was a damned sexy sight wrapped in nothing but a towel, her long, curly, wet locks drooping over her shoulder. He cleared his throat. “My intention was to sneak in and have a cat nap with you. I didn’t know you were in the shower…and then, I guess I couldn’t help myself.” The muscle in his jaw twitched.

“Maybe you should go back into the bedroom while I dry off and dress?”

How noble of the Tigress to try and place his health before…He placed a hand against his chest, weighing against the possibility of pain. “I’m still not feeling any—”

Laughing again, she used the edge of the towel to wipe the water from her face. “Do you really want to press your luck? You may need what reserves you have built up.”

He chewed his lip, thinking over his options.

She grinned and pointed to the bedroom. “Go, I’ll be out in a minute.”

With a sigh, he backed out, closing the door. Sitting on the foot of the bed, he kicked off his boots and pulled off the heavy flannel shirt. Dean knew he should be cautious and not try and press his luck, but found himself incredibly amorous from watching her shower.

The bathroom door opened. Amber came out. Her hair had been wrung through and towel dried, but she was still wearing the towel.

“I…I left my clothes out here.”

Dean saw her bag was on the floor in the corner of the room. Someone had swung by the hotel and retrieved their things. Raising a brow, he looked at her. “You don’t wear clothes to sleep.”

“I don’t want to make this difficult for you…”

He shook his head. “Well, that was pretty much a moot point once I walked into the bathroom and saw you naked.” Rising from the bed, Dean walked over to her. She clutched the towel just over her breasts. Giving the back of her hand a gentle stroke, he moved to her shoulder.

Amber closed her eyes and let out a breath. “I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“Do you want me?” he inquired caressing the other arm, watching her reaction.

“You know I do.”

Leaning close, he saw a few water beads on her shoulder she’d failed to dry and blew, just before licking them off.

“Dean, I don’t want to hurt you and…” She hissed when his lips closed over her ear lobe, giving it a tender nip. “I don’t know if I can be…gentle.” Opening her eyes, Amber looked into his. Concern and worry wrinkled her brow.

Pulling her close, he kissed her. The restraint she used waned sooner than he’d expected. The towel drifted to the floor, but Amber still refrained from touching him. He moved his hands to her waist, tracing delicate designs in the small of her back. Her soft moan spurred further exploration.

She shivered when he moved to her neck, rubbing the scruff of his two-day beard, remembering how it had turned her on before. Moaning, her hands sought the tail of his shirt and lifted it over his head.

He saw the fear in her eyes when she inspected his wounds. Chancing a glance himself, Dean noted while there were still angry slash marks, the gashes were sealed and the stitches looked like they’d already come out. She studied his torso, moving her fingers around the edges.

Dean laughed, capturing her hands in his. “That tickles, babe. I’m okay, see?” Flexing the muscles in his chest, he ran her hands down his belly so she could feel it, too.

Cocking a brow, her fingers hooked in his waistband, pulling him closer.





Wednesday, 27 August 2014
Thank the Merciful God of Fiction...there IS life after Sookie Stackhouse, Charlaine Harris and TRUE BLOOD.

I feared...Boy Howdy how I feared. As a fan of CHARLAINE HARRIS' Sookie Stackouse series PRE-True Blood, I found myself lamenting the systematic gutting of a series I'd coveted since I'd read the very first book...Dead Until Dark...I fell for the wicked series, so much I had EVERY book in both paperback and Hard cover...(what can I say...books are my ...and even was excited about the TV series...TRUE BLOOD until the end of the first season...

Where, oh where was I going to find the same delicious adventure, passion and thrills I found with Sookie?

I couldn't even bring myself to pre-order let alone read the series finalé Ms. Harris published after the debacle created by the TV series.

A hole...a HUGE hole exploded inside my reading soul...and I didn't have a clue who to fill it with...UNTIL...

From the moment I clapped my eyes on the first sentence Ms. Favreaux starts the prologue of this, SHADOW WALKER the second book in her SANCTUARY SERIES I knew I'd found a worthy successor to the series Ms. Harris' had ORIGINALLY given us.

OMG...this is GOOD! Really, Really good...Now I have to go back and grab my copy of Book One WALKER'S RUN and put in for my pre-order of book three...DREAM WALKER.

If you LOVE

WERE'S, will

ADORE this series...and the way Ms. Favreaux will capture you and hold you spellbound...

She'll make you squirm in your seat while waiting for the next book too.

Here's hoping Ms. Favreaux's writing career spans the length of time immemorial.

FIVE STARS for Ms. Favreaux...

and to Cora Graphics the creative eye behind the brilliant covers for this bunch...I bestow my award for the BEST in covers.

Well Done ALL....Keep up the PHENOMENAL work.
Saturday, 01 March 2014
When I recently finished reading Walker's Run, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the next book, Shadow Walker. Admittedly, I have a thing for white tigers, so Amber was one of my favorite characters from the first book. I was excited to read more about her, and see how Dean was able to get past all of her emotional issues, and even more excited when I was lucky enough to win an ARC of the book.

I have to say, this book doesn't disappoint! The only thing that was disappointing to me was the fact that work and real life made me put the book down for several hours a day, or I'd have finished it much sooner. Ms. Favreaux kept me on the edge of my seat up until the very end, laughing and going through the full range of emotions that the characters were experiencing.

Keep 'em coming, please! I can't wait to read the next one in this series!

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