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Shifting Alliances

When Lance loses his parents to war, he’s not sure who he can trust to survive.
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Author: Kevin Hopson
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 Shifting Alliances

by Kevin Hopson

Genre  Sci-Fi

Tags  Aliens, war, winter, Montana, mountains, river, power plant, human hybrids, virus, disease, apocalypse, death

Imprint  MuseItUp

Release  September 23, 2014

Editor  Christine I. Speakman

Line Editor  Doug Laycock

Cover Designer  Kaytalin Platt

Words  15282

Pages  69

ISBN  978-1-77127-594-1

Price  $3.50

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The U.S. has been invaded by an unknown enemy, and Lance is struggling to survive after losing his parents in the initial fallout. Traveling on foot and having to endure the harsh winter conditions, he searches the open lands of Montana for food, water, and shelter. About to give up, Lance eventually crosses paths with two others. However, are they friend or foe, and can he truly trust them with his life?



A swirling noise woke Yakha from her sleep. She swore it was the sound of a propeller, maybe something in her dream, but it could have just as easily been the wind. Gayr snored by the dwindling fire. It still popped, shooting out sparks on occasion. Yakha heard it again. Initially facing the cliff wall, she turned and looked into the night sky. The snow and wind had died down, though neither had stopped completely. Something appeared to hover in the distance. She only knew this by the faint outline of the object, which was lighter in color than the neighboring darkness. Lights dropped from it like fireworks nearing the end of their display.

“Gayr,” Yakha whispered. No response. “Gayr,” she repeated, this time louder with a firm tone.

“What?” Gayr gradually lifted his head, his eyes only half open.

“We’ve got company.”

Yakha watched as Gayr’s eyes sprung open all the way.






Thursday, 26 February 2015
What if aliens lived among us? What if their plan was to wipe out the human race? What would you do if you learned of their plans?
SHIFTING ALLIANCES, a science fiction novella by Author Kevin Hopson, introduces the reader to Yakha and Gayr, and as the story moves along we learn some very interesting facts about these two characters. The author does a nice job of building suspense and mystery as we follow Yakha and Gayr through the story. Who are they exactly? What do they want? The answers become clearer as we meet other characters and soon discover that people are not always who or what we think they are. And we get to wondering who, if anyone, can we trust.
I don’t want to give anything away, but SHIFTING ALLIANCES has a surprise or two along the way. Maybe you’ll figure it out early in the story. Maybe not. This is a good read for those that love science fiction and mystery.
Beverly Stowe McClure
Friday, 03 October 2014
SHIFTING ALLIANCES, a sci-fi short by powerfully gifted suspense author KEVIN HOPSON caught my eye, captured my imagination and held me from the first word straight through to the finale'.

In short stories the author has to be a true master storyteller because (s)he has to make you CARE, root for, and want to follow the hero-heroine in a time-frame few can flesh out ONE character well enough to make the reader want to hang in for the short-long haul, but in this book, Mr. Hopson gives us three...actually FOUR characters you can't help but fall in love with, root for, and cling to the edge of your seats for while the danger, drama, and emotional revelations unfold like a rich RED CARPET beckoning you to walk the entire length of it, and then when you reach the end, hope another length of carpet will be attached soon for a longer stroll.

SHIFTING ALLIANCES...Mr. Hopson if this is NOT

BOOK ONE of a series, I think it should be...

I, Ladybug Lin, happily award SHIFTING ALLIANCES


and say...OKAY MR. HOPSON...when will you give us BOOK TWO?


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