The Best Bad Date

When is a bad date good?
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Author: Addison James

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release: December 16, 2011

Editor: Marni McNiff

Line Editor: Greta Gunselman

Cover Designer: Suzannah Safi

Words: 7439

Pages: 28

ISBN: 978-1-927361-47-4

Price: $2.50

Back Cover:

Susan Wells finds out when a bachelor auction leads to a date with handsome Doctor Roger Lane, and a night to remember. What could go wrong? Everything. Will love find a way through this comedy of errors? Absolutely.



After exchanging stories, they both just sat in his car, fatigued.

“Well,” said Roger.

“Well,” Susan responded. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m absolutely exhausted.”

Roger nodded. “Me, too. I had no idea tonight would be so… eventful.”

Susan laughed. “So you don’t mind if we call it a night?”

Roger smiled. “No, but can I take a rain check? Maybe we could do this again when the gods are less angry with us?”

“Or maybe when Bad Luck Schleprock goes away?”

Roger reached over and squeezed her hand before shifting the gears and driving toward Saint Albans.

After about fifteen minutes of driving outside the city onto the quiet country roads, the car suddenly started shaking. Roger turned on his emergency lights and drove to the side of the road.

“What’s wrong?” Susan asked.

Roger looked at the dashboard and then slammed his open palm onto the steering wheel. “Damn!”

Doctor Roger Lane had a sterling reputation of being cool-headed in a crisis. All of his coworkers had mentioned that even in the darkest situations at the hospital, he always maintained his composure. This must be really bad.

“I’m out of gas.”

Susan stifled a laugh. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Roger ran his fingers through his blond hair. “I wish I were. I can’t believe this. I’ve never done this before!”

Susan smiled. “Not even in high school for a bit of ‘humina humina’?”

Roger laughed. “Is that what you call it in Kansas? Humina humina?”

“What do they call it in where you’re from? Shagging? To me, that sounds like a carpet.”

Roger pulled out his cellphone. “Let me call the auto club and they can send a truck with gas or a tow.”

“Have you ever called the auto club out here? It takes them an hour just to find where we are.”

“Speaking from personal experience?”

“Friend of a friend.”

Roger cocked an eyebrow at Susan. “Oh, really?”

Susan smirked. “Really. And no ‘humina humina’ involved.” She pulled out her cellphone. “Let me text Terri so she knows what’s up. Good heavens! It’s nearly midnight already!”

“Really! I can’t believe it’s the time. I’m sorry I’ve kept you out so late.”

“No apologies please, Roger. Wait, here’s a response from Terri: ‘Out of gas? Ha Ha. Go get him, Tiger.’ ” Susan flushed. “Oh dear. I don’t think I was supposed to read that out loud.”


Great short romantic story for smart women. I read it during my last flight back from San Francisco and enjoyed it so much that I recommended it to the gal sitting next to me! READER REVIEW



Thursday, 17 October 2013
What do you do when Murphy's Law is at its most inventive on your first date with the hunk your best friend bought for a small fortune for you at the charity auction? (Much to your embarrassment, by the way.)

Anything and everything that can possibly go wrong does...on this your re-introduction to the scary world of...{gulp} Still, even though everything goes wrong, just like remembering how to ride a bike, as the night progresses it comes back to the hunk and yes, you too, like fine gears slipping back into perfect alignment.

THE BEST BAD DATE by Addison James is a laugh riot from the beginning to the very end...a series of laughs that will tug at your heartstrings making your laughter rich, and for the reader, just a tad or two wistful.


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