The Best Bad Valentine’s Day

Susan and Roger’s Valentine’s Day plans are interrupted by a fall in the height of passion.
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Author: Addison James

The Best Bad Valentine’s Day

by Addison James

Genre  Contemporary Romantic Comedy

Tags  Romance, comedy, Vermont, Valentine’s Day, art

Releasing  February 7, 2014

Content Editor  Marni McNiff

Line Editor  Greta Gunselman

Cover Designer  Cora Graphics

Words  7406

Pages  32

ISBN  978-1-77127-491-3

Price  $2.50

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A fall during the height of passion fractures Susan’s tailbone disrupting romantic Valentine’s Day plans for Susan and Roger. Can they avoid the gossip in their small Vermont town? Will they have a chance to rekindle the passion? And what mischief does Susan’s best friend, Terri, have in store this time?


“Now, where were we?” Dr. Lane asked a question but clearly he already knew the answer, as evidenced by his rapid return to Susan’s side, his hands removing her remaining clothes and his lips capturing hers. Soon, both their clothes pooled at their feet.

“Upstairs,” Susan mumbled between passionate kisses.

“No, here,” Roger said as her pressed her firmly against the wall, but his collection of paintings of Vermont landscapes from local artists shook with their passion.

“Damn,” he said once he noticed the quivering frames. Susan looked at the painting just inches from her head and exhaled angrily.

“Damn,” she echoed.

Roger looked around the room with new eyes. His furniture and objet d’art were no longer just about their original function or placement for flow in the room. He assessed each area, each piece of furniture with only one purpose in mind, and certainly not the purpose it was originally created for.

“Here.” Roger took his arm and pushed away the candles from the large wooden dining room table. It was formerly a barn door that Roger had resurfaced for its new purpose. Multiple purposes.

“Here?” Susan asked incredulously.

Roger answered by grasping her shoulders, passionately kissing her lips whilst moving her backward toward the table. Her backside soon met the side of the table, as Roger lifted her on top of it.

Susan looked at her lover with a mischievous eye. “Really?” she asked, her voice suddenly deep and breathless.

“Really.” He paused from kissing her to answer, as he slowly, carefully, lowered her against the tabletop, and then moved on top of her.

Their passion steamed up the windows of his nineteenth century home.

“We’ve never done it here,” Susan said amidst kisses.

“There’s a first time for everything,” Roger replied with more kisses.

Their passion caused the table to creak.

As they were reaching their peak, everything seemed to slow down. Before, rushed and frantic, their passion seemed to speed up time. It began to move incredibly slowly once Susan realized that she was no longer on the table, but rather in mid-air with a one hundred and eighty pound doctor on top of her. One second her passion was so intense, she thought they were like weightless astronauts somersaulting through space and time. The next second she realized there was nothing beneath her. Unable to brace herself because her arms were still entwined with Roger’s, she crashed onto the hardwood floor directly onto her tailbone.

Pain. Extreme pain shot from the base of her spine radiating down her legs.

“Ow,” Susan said, her voice echoing the pain in her body. “Ow. Ow. Ow.”




Friday, 25 April 2014
What fun it is to visit with old friends again as they embark on a new-uh-misadventure in their journey down the meandering Highways and Byways of their love.

We first met Susan and Roger in THE BEST BAD FIRST DATE, revisited them in THE BEST BAD CHRISTMAS GIFT, and now find them about to share THE BEST BAD VALENTINE'S DAY.

In this visit, poor Susan is about to spend Cupid's holiday lying flat on her belly after she and the throes of...well...immediate...unbridled passion, roll off the dining-room table, landing with a reverberating thud upon Susan's protesting tail b

Addison James is brilliant!

She brings to vivid life, the stark agony of a fractured tail bone, and the eye dropping embarrassment Susan exudes when she must tell the medicals how she came to fall off the table. It also shares the humor...eventually...such an accident evokes.

THE BEST BAD VALENTINE'S DAY is an excellent addition to the growing library of THE BEST BAD SERIES.

It easily earns another FIVE STARS.

Well Done Addison...

Question...What holiday will Susan and Roger share with us next?

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