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The Breeders

How does an apparently ‘normal’ member of society become ‘abnormal’, a serial killer? How does one man’s desire to preserve our world become his motivation for evil?
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Author: C. Burnett

The Park Strangler is about to embark on a series of killings in the Pacific Northwest, acting out his hatred for humankind and for women in particular. A lover of animals and nature who abhors the greed of industrial economics and the destruction of our overpopulated planet. But how does an apparently ‘normal’ member of society become ‘abnormal’, a serial killer? How does one man’s desire to preserve our world become his motivation for evil?

Through Stan Harboritz we follow such a person as he endures a mental breakdown and the bombarding voices that surround him. Tired of fighting the voices of his God, Stan visits a church in a desperate search of answers. With the Cross bearing down on him he asks,

“What can just one man do to make a difference?”

Stan concludes that it his duty to help save God’s world. To kill those responsible for overpopulation, the destructive force behind the world’s eventual demise and the breakdown of society—young females, The Breeders.

Title The Breeders
Author C. Burnett
Genre Psychological suspense
Release March 29, 2016
Designer Susannah Safi
Length 289 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-796-9
Price $5.99
Tags Psychological suspense. Psychopathic schizophrenic. Serial killer. Sensitive to environmental issues. Overpopulation. Anti-social. Strangles young women.

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His heartbeat steadied and the haze that clouded reality receded. The room now came fully into view, and a different picture assaulted his eyes. Pain and anger consumed him. How he yearned to be the man pressed against her.

All his instincts told him that whatever he chose to do in the next few moments would change him forever. He wanted to yell at her…at them, but what words were appropriate for such an occasion? He stood, frozen, silent, as a succession of thoughts and emotions swamped him. In an instant, all the love he had always felt for her turned to hate, coalescing from the million pieces of his shattered life.


He swung around, looking for the source of the outburst, but the hallway was empty.

Kill. Kill. Kill!

The voice raved, dispelling all rationality. The words were inside his brain and the revelation frightened him. He squeezed his eyelids together, trying to eject the presence, but it remained. Against his will, Stan began to think about ending a life. The question was, whose?

The man she was with?


His own?

He felt his face and neck burning, heard an odd whistling sound he couldn’t quite place, then discovered that he was the source. He was breathing through clenched teeth. He swallowed hard, pushing down his insides that had been ripped out. As though someone had thrown a switch, anger gave way to a deep, deep sorrow. Confusion overtook him. This couldn’t be right. He should only have room for rage. Maybe he could forgive her. No, impossible. The voice ranted, pounding his thoughts into submission.

The immensity of his loss hit him anew, clenching his hands into fists that then opened, fingers rigidly splayed, before cracking into balled fists again. His brow furrowed, shadowing his view of the blissful couple. What was he feeling? His vision clouded with tears. If only the image would go away. If only his eyesight was betraying him. A moan escaped his lips, and two pairs of eyes locked onto him.

Their bodies sprang apart. Carrie, poised like a statue, cold, heartless, stared into his livid, hurt eyes. She opened her mouth and spoke, but he heard nothing. The snapshot of the two lovers was burned forever into his mind.

As he looked around the room, he felt his soul leave his body. This was his worst nightmare come true. Occasionally he had wondered how he would react in a situation such as this and had thought, without a doubt, that he would want to kill both of them. Now it was a reality and, strangely, he didn’t. He turned and walked away, leaving behind the empty words she called after him.

The waiting was over.








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