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Vargrom: Modrad's Exile

Modrad’s path back home may ultimately be his demise.
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Author: Kevin Hopson

Facing exile, Modrad sets out on a mission to gain entry back into Vargrom, the mountain city he has always called home. Even if he can survive the journey and succeed in his quest, the council may have other plans for Modrad, leaving the dwarf to ponder his future. From the pages of The Fire King comes the story of Modrad’s early years.

Title Vargrom: Modrad's Exile
Author Kevin Hopson
Genre Fantasy
Release February 23, 2016
Length 49 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-786-0
Price $2.99
Designer DK Designs
Tags Dwarves, gnomes, forest, mine, underground, dragon, exile, gems, helm, fire, lion, hyenas, mountains, grasslands, tavern
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Modrad’s head continued to throb, but the honey tea had done its job. He was lucid enough to make the journey, and based on the growing frequency of patchy woodlands, it wouldn’t be long before he reached the forest. Modrad figured it would be a day’s hike at most. Passing some horses along the way, the dwarf did consider other means of transportation, but only for a few seconds. Too proud to rely on assistance, Modrad elected to walk, carrying a sack of supplies and two axes without any hesitation.

Despite having never visited Coalfell, he’d traveled along this route before and knew the town’s vicinity to surrounding villages. Based on gossip from the few dwarves who did return, Modrad possessed no desire to visit the town given its morbid atmosphere. Chrogs weren’t exactly the friendliest race either. They were similar to dwarves in size and appearance, but they were elementals first and foremost.

This hadn’t always been the case, at least according to legend. The town came under attack by a red dragon centuries ago, which left the underground coal mines ablaze and still burning to this day. The chrogs abandoned the mines but developed a bond with fire over the years, becoming resilient to heat and even acquiring an ability to wield flames from their body and weapons. Capable of turning aggressive when provoked, they typically let outsiders be as long as they minded their own business.

     Most of the dwarves who accepted the mission to Coalfell never came back, whether it was by choice or fate. Modrad, however, remained confident in his skills and didn’t fear the challenge.







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