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When You Have to Go There

How do the police protect the public from a killer when his victims are the cops themselves?
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Author: Kevin R. Doyle

Even with her career heading nowhere, Detective Helen Lipscomb wouldn’t give up. Although everyone, from the chief of police on down, wanted her off the force, she forced herself to stick it out, not giving the bastards the satisfaction of seeing her crumble. She’d had one near career-ending fiasco in her life, and couldn’t imagine that another would come her way. Until a new serial killer arrived in town, less than a year after Helen had almost missed nabbing the last one. And this murderer wasn’t targeting random people, helpless females, or any of the meek and innocent. He was targeting the police themselves. And as Helen sees her colleagues falling one by one, she knows it’s only a matter of time until the killer’s attention turns to her.


Title When You Have to Go There
Author Kevin R. Doyle
Genre Suspense
Release August 7, 2018
Designer Charlotte Volnek
Length 320 pages
ISBN 978-1-77392-011-5
Price $6.99
Tags Murder, serial killer, procedural, revenge, conspiracy


He should have logged out at a quarter to four, the standard time. And for most of the day, he’d hoped to be out and home on time. But a mundane morning spent re-interviewing people in a three-month-old case had included one of those witnesses having moved on, causing Michaels to spend most of the afternoon tracing through various lease agreements, forwarding addresses and employers before he managed to track down the eighteen-year-old in question.

Upon finding his witness, zoned out after a night of bar hopping, it took every bit of effort and patience Michaels had to jolt the kid’s memory and awareness long enough to fill in the blanks from the previous interview.

All of which left Michaels clocking out a good three-quarters of an hour later than his shift mandated, but anyone who’d worked on the force more than a couple of weeks understood that shift start times, and especially end times, were more a matter of wish fulfillment than cold, hard reality.

At this point, Detective Roy Michaels had less than an hour to live.








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