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Remembering Thomas

New York City kids, Jennifer and James, walk through a time portal into the Battle of Manhattan during the Revolutionary War.
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Jennifer and James and their two friends, Kaytlyn and Sleepy, step through a time portal in the vicinity of modern-day Kips Bay and find themselves caught in the middle of a Revolutionary War battle. Their purpose is to stop the evil Malman, who wants to change the course of history by altering an event that occurred at the Battle of Harlem Heights. Their task is complicated by a man, Arthur Whitehair, who was turned into a pigeon by the misreading of a spell many years before.

During the course of twenty-four hours, the foursome meets the genteel Mary Murray and her daughter, Susannah, credited with delaying the British and allowing the rebels to escape. They share the camp of Margaret Corbin, who fought with the rebels and was injured. Their lives are saved by swashbuckling Major Aaron Burr. They encounter Thomas Knowlton, the hero of Bunker Hill, who died at the battle of Harlem Heights. And, finally, Jennifer discovers the joys and pain of first love with Frederick Knowlton, the sixteen-year-old son of Thomas.

Remembering Thomas is a sequel to Things Are Not What They Seem. As in that novel, the four friends learn lessons about love, friendship, and self-sacrifice.

Coming soon in paperback.

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Title Remembering Thomas
Authors Anne Rothman-Hicks and Kenneth Hicks
Genre Tween Historical Fantasy
Release March 20, 2018
Designer Charlotte Volnek
Length 152 pages
ISBN Ebook 978-1-77127-992-5
Price $4.99
Tags Revolutionary War, Battle of Manhattan, Colonial Manhattan, Colonial period, pigeons, time travel, Aaron Burr, Mary Murray, Murray Hill, Thomas Knowlton, memory, martyrs, soldiers, New York City


After letting the water run and get very cold, she gently splashed her eyes and forehead. The water and a temple massage were making her feel a little better when she looked up and saw in the mirror the familiar round face of a man with a reddish-brown beard and bright red hair. As always, he was dressed in a monk’s woolen cowl.

“Semprus?” she gasped.

“My goodness, child,” the monk said in a voice that was full of relief. “You have been very hard to reach! For almost two weeks now I’ve entered your dreams every night, but you have resisted and forgotten everything by daybreak.”

“That might explain the headaches I’ve been having.”

“Headaches? Hmmm. You say you’ve had headaches?”

“Lots of them,” Jennifer replied. “Why?”

“Perhaps a third party has been interfering. Hmmm.” He cocked his head to one side and ran his fingers through his beard. “That would explain why you were so resistant.”

“Who needs an explanation? Of course, I would resist you in my dreams. The last time I was involved with you, I almost got killed—along with my brother and our friends.”









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