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Spooky Twisties I

Are you ready for some creepy bedtime reading to satisfy your inner horror spooky craving?
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Author: Terri Bertha

Lindsay, Nick, Chris, Amy, and Paul are just a few of the kids in the neighborhood that enjoy each other’s company, hanging out together.   From the usual antics that preteens enjoy, like playing in the graveyard, trick or treating, and celebrating birthdays, the kids find themselves in some unique situations that lead to unexpected ending twists.

Spooky Twisties I offers 13 tales of terror that will grab you from the start, and leave you with chilling surprise endings.

Adventures are speckled with humorous dialogue to frightening calls for help in working through their series of unusual encounters. Even though the chapters have individual story lines, many are intertwined with characters that are not so likable. For instance, Creepy Guy and Dan the Security Guard seem to have a ‘fixation’ for Lindsay and Amy who are best friends. Then there is old Mrs. Miller who appears to have lived on the street forever, but has found a secret to anti-aging. ‘Easter eggs’ or ‘hidden references’ mesh, and just when you think you’re headed towards a ‘fairy-tale’ ending, a strange unforeseen chilling conclusion occurs leaving the reader saying, “I didn’t see that happening!”

No happily ever after endings here.    

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Title Spooky Twisties I
Author Terri Bertha
Series Spooky Twisties
Genre Middle Grade/Tween Horror
Release May 20, 2017
Designer Charlotte Volnek
Length 96 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-924-6
Price $4.99
TAGS Horror, spooky, ghosts, scary, humor, adventure, paranormal, supernatural, middle grade, tween, girl literature/fiction, boy literature/fiction, short stories, science fiction, fantasy, action, Halloween, Graveyard, action


What happens when your average suburban town becomes a nexus of the paranormal and occult; and no one told you about it?


Amy, Lindsay, Chris, Nick and their friends are growing up in an idyllic community that offers everything a middle grade kid would want. With a downtown shopping area, housing plans, parks, a public pool, and plenty of friends, there is always something to do. On the outskirts of their town lies farmland, woods, lakes, and of course, cemeteries.


Follow the horror and fun as these friends navigate the supernatural during the course of their “normal” day. Are you ready to experience the Spooky, with a Twist?



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