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Spooky Twisties II

Are you ready to experience more of the Spooky, with a Twist?
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Author: Terri Bertha

Catch up with the adventures of Chris, Nick, Amy, Lindsay, and their friends, as they continue to encounter the strange and supernatural.

Will an old map actually lead to hidden treasure?

Is it always best to do the right thing and help someone out?

Can a magic set become too magical?

How difficult can babysitting really be on a beautiful Saturday afternoon?

Will this year’s carnival be better than the last?

Welcome back to the kid’s home town, where you’ll meet some new friends as well as bump into some ‘friends’ you thought you would never see again. Join them in their normal everyday fun, but make sure you’re prepared to experience the Spooky, with a Twist!

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Title Spooky Twisties II
Series Spooky Twisties
Auithor Terri Bertha
Genre Tween Dark Fiction/Mystery
Release November 7, 2017
 Designer Charlotte Volnek
 Length  E-book 125 pages
 ISBN  E-ISBN 978-1-77127-963-5
 Price $4.99
 Tags  Horror, spooky,ghosts,scary,humor,adventure,paranormal,supernatural,middle grade, tween, girl literature, fiction, boy literature, short stories, science fiction, fantasy, action, Halloween, Graveyard, action, cemetery, young adult


The kids traveled down to the edge of town where the old cemetery sat between the railroad tracks and a row of huge old oak trees. Even though it was daylight, the thickness of the tree limbs and leaves turned the surroundings into darkness.

“Did anyone bring a flashlight?” asked Chris.

“I did,” said Jack. “Don’t know why. Just thought it may be helpful, along with a shovel to dig.”

When they reached the cemetery, they noticed only a few headstones, sitting crooked and half buried in the ground. The engravings on the front were barely readable from the years gone by. The kids started walking by the trees, inspecting each one.

“We found it!” yelled Chris when they got to the fifth tree. “We found the tree with the ‘X’. Everyone take a look around and see if we find anything else.”

They were about ready to start digging when Jack hollered, “I found something, guys.” Jack’s hands were brushing away dirt and leaves in the tangled roots at the base of the tree. The kids gathered around closely and watched in anticipation as he pulled out an old leather pouch.

“Here,” said Jack to Chris, handing him the pouch. “You open it.”

Chris carefully untied the rawhide strings.

“Maybe it’s a big diamond,” said Lindsay, jumping up and down. Then she stopped and said, “But how do we split up a diamond?”

“We hit it with a big hammer,” laughed Nick. “How do you think we do it?”

Everyone laughed and waited eagerly to see the pouch contents.

Chris reached inside and pulled out a piece of paper.

“Don’t tell me it’s another map,” said Nick.

“No, it looks like a poem or something.”

“What kind of stupid treasure is that?” said Paul. “A poem!”

“Hurry up and read it!” ordered Lindsay, who was the bossiest of them all. “Maybe it will tell us where to find the treasure!”

“Okay, be quiet and listen up,” said Chris.

My spirit holds here,

Tied to a tree.

Without a sacrifice,

It’s eternity.

The rope tear down,

And place below.

My spirit then free,

Will forward go.

I need release,

For me to be free.

A sign of the cross,

To bury me.

The sacrifice,

You need to show,

Is help me down,

To earth below.

“What the heck does that mean?” asked Lindsay. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Yeah, it doesn’t make sense. And what about the part about a sacrifice? What’s that supposed to mean?” said Paul.









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