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Dawn's First Light

The darkest hour of night comes just before the dawn …
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Author: J.P. Barry

With Chase James’s fate hanging in the balance, what will become of Nina Luther?

Deadly secrets rise to the surface causing Nina and the Archangel Gabriel to re-evaluate their soul connection.

Will Gabriel risk his wings and Immortal existence to keep Nina safe, or will Nina put everything on the line to rescue Chase? How far will they all go for love?

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Title Dawn's First Light
Author JP Barry
Series The Nearer The Dawn: Book 4
Genre New Adult Paranormal Romance
Release September 4, 2018
Length 298 pages
ISBN 978-1-77392-016-0
Price $5.99
Tags Angels, Demons, God, Heaven, Hell, Mortal Angels, Mortal Demons, Lost Souls, the Devil


Orifiel. I can’t hold on much longer. My soul is slipping. There are too many of them. Nina is going to die. You have to save her. Please, Brother. Orifiel heard Gabriel scream.

Brother. Orifiel replied.

But Gabriel never responded. Orifiel kept calling, but no luck. Glancing at the stars, eyes widened with terror. His brother was, in fact, moments away from extinction and Nina, gravely injured. Without contemplation, he ran to the garden transforming while mentally alerting the others.

“I’m on the front line and leaving now. Losing my brother or sister tonight isn’t going to happen, and if need be, I’ll lose my soul for them. I’m breaking rank, something I should’ve done months ago, after telling Gabriel the truth, instead of hiding it. I dare either of you to try and stop me,” he hissed at Raphael.

“You’re right, but now isn’t the time to second guess what’s occurred in the past. That’s over and we cannot change it. Go. We’re right behind until you locate them. Then, we attack. You and the others are to eliminate as many Demons as possible, and you’re to return home safely with your brother to your mother. The girl must live. I cannot stress that enough. She must survive. Do whatever necessary. I’m in charge right now, not your father. The Army will take orders from me and only me. Michael is too attached to this situation to think wisely.” He paused, taking a deep breath, standing straighter. “It’s time—I’m officially declaring war. Now go.”

And with this mandate, a battle unlike any other began.







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