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The Mall Fairies: Exile

Teenage fairy Swoop risks everything to protect her best friend from being exiled from their shopping mall home.
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Book One in The Mall Fairies Series

A Novel by Conda V. Douglas

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Release: February 24, 2012

Editor: B.L. Wilson

Cover Designer: Kaytalin Platt

Words: 66690

Pages: 211

ISBN: 978-1-927361-72-6

Price: $5.95

 Back Cover:

Swoop the fairy lives in the attic of a shopping mall and loves it. She’s terrified of Outside, where fairies can die. But when Swoop finds her best friend One Wing in the company of a human, she determines she’ll do anything to save him from being exiled Outside.



Swoop poised at the edge of the ledge and waited until One Wing came around to where he was blocked from Mrs. McDougall’s view for a few seconds. She jumped, flew down, and snatched One Wing off Rudolph.

Together they tumbled to the floor. With her wings, Swoop tried to break their fall. She failed.

One Wing landed on his only wing. “Ouch,” he squawked.

Swoop clapped a hand over his mouth. “Shhh.”

A brilliant green Christmas bell with a red bow hung over the front door, an old-fashioned door bell. It jangled when the security officer entered.

“Grandma?” the human said.  Not Officer Bob.

“One Wing?” Mrs. McDougall called out. “Where’d you go?” Her voice slurred the last into one word.

“What?” Grace asked. “Who? Grandma, it’s me.” Grace, the granddaughter.

Oh great, the security guard and the old woman’s granddaughter.

“Hi, Mrs. MacDougall.” Grace’s friend, whats-her-name, Joe or something. No, Jody. Typical cutesy human name.

Didn’t these people ever go home? In a second, they’d look and see two fairies and three wings. Then Swoop would have broken the First Law, too, which is exactly what she flew into the store to avoid. Swoop and One Wing needed to escape, now.

“Did you see that bird fly in here?” Officer Bob asked.

Swoop dropped her hand. I’m not a bird, I’m a fairy.

“Did you fall off the carousel?” Mrs. McDougall again.

“There’s nothing on the carousel,” Grace said, the exasperated annoyance in her voice clear to Swoop.

“Don’t say a word,” Swoop hissed to One Wing. She grabbed his wing and pulled him upright.  “Let’s get out of here. Now.” She pinched his wing. Hard.

He opened his mouth, saw her look, and yanked his wing from her grasp. He ran across the battered red and green glitter-sprinkled carpet toward the cabinet running along the length of a side wall.

“How do those nasty blackbirds keep getting in here?” Officer Bob again. “Flying rats, I call ‘em.”

I’m not a flying rat, I’m a fairy. Swoop scrambled after One Wing, wings flattened to keep up.

With his one wing held out for balance, One Wing could run faster than any other fairy. Lots of practice. He sprinted around an enormous blow-up-but-sagging Santa Claus. Swoop dashed right behind and caught up to his wingtip.

“What’s that?” Swoop heard Jody yelp. She tucked her head down to hide her sky blue face.

Behind the Santa the cabinet door stood cracked open a slice, just big enough for a fairy to slip through. Sideways. One Wing turned and slithered through in one swift, practiced motion.

She stumbled into the instant deep dark of the cabinet. She fell headlong into something furry and squishy that almost blocked the entrance. She threw out her arm onto some sticky thing stinking of mold.

She squeaked.

Loud and long.




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