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The Destruction of Cain

A mark. A curse. Total destruction.
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Author: J.P. Barry

Secrets and lies continue to haunt Olivia and Neil Fox, Cain “Angel” Montgomery, and Jaxon “Jax” Sage in this explosive, heart stopping finale of The Cain Trilogy. Hell bent on changing his days and ways, Cain returns with a vengeance to claim what’s rightfully his. Olivia and Jax must come to grips with lingering deep rooted emotions, as Neil drops a bombshell on everyone’s world putting them all in grave danger. With life spiraling out of control, Olivia must protect the one thing she loves most, her son, from the inevitable crash and burn he’s destine to face. One by one, the masks worn fall and shatter leaving each person exposed. The question is, who’s strong enough to fight the Devil within and win?

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Title The Destruction of Cain
Author JP Barry
Genre Romance Suspense
Series The Cain Trilogy: Book 3
Release October 31, 2018
Length 196 pages
ISBN 978-1-77392-023-8
Price $5.99
Tags romance, suspense, psychological suspense, CIA, spy, terrorism,


She turned, hand reaching for the door handle.

"Livie," I said, tone soft. My body moved behind hers. Fingers reached for her waist. Much like her, the job never left me either. I could still profile a person and she was upset over something more than Mason and his recent behaviors. Her sadness caused a vulnerability and a vulnerable Livie equaled a sexy as hell one. And like that, I seamlessly slipped back into the man who obsessed over this goddess. The man who loved, adored, and worshiped her. Livie’s entire being shouted emotional misery. Though we hadn’t spoken alone in a long time, while seeing her in passing, she appeared thinner and rather worn in appearance. I’d questioned Neil if she was okay, and he said she was, just busy with work demands. Accepting the answer due to forced detachment, I dismissed everything, but the nagging suspicion I shouldn’t have rose to the surface, and rapidly.  

“You haven’t called me that in forever. In fact, you never say my name or even look at me anymore for that matter,” she replied, not turning around.  

“Then I’ll say it again. Livie,” I whispered, in her ear. Her body shuddered as warm breath caressed her shoulders. It wasn’t a lie. I hadn’t spoken her name much because the title alone caused massive heartache. Remembrances would breach the cell my brain locked them away in, and pain would shortly set in, lingering for days before they could be shoved back into hiding.

“Please stop.” Her eyes closed.

“No, Livie. I can’t do that,” I hummed, brushing strands of hair away from her neck. She never wore it up anymore, always down, and over the scar. “Where are you? Where did your memories take you?”









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