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Get More Blot Traffic

Why you need to drive steady traffic to your blog.
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Author: Lea Schizas

Today’s social media landscape allows anyone with an internet connection and basic writing skills to transmit their message to the world. Just think about it—no more traveling around the world as a published author. A few clicks on the computer and you’re connected to millions of people around the world via a social network. Sounds scary but exciting, as well, for authors who want to build their platform and gain new readers. This also applies to small and bigger businesses.

One of the most common outlets people use for sharing their ideas is a blog. It’s both an inexpensive and most of the time free way to create your own space online. Blogs come in all shapes and sizes, broadcasting on every subject imaginable. Small and large businesses have blogs nowadays, moms and dads sharing their hobbies and home-businesses, as well as writers promoting their books.

While blogs come in all shapes and sizes, there’s one thing they all have in common. All blogs need visitors to come and read the posted articles. This is what we commonly call ‘traffic’.

For anyone who puts anything up online, traffic is a must.

  • Web traffic means people are coming to your site from search engines and other sources. It’s how people find you and it’s also how your blog becomes popular and widely-read.
  • More traffic means more readers and every online blogger/writer/business/ wants more readers, whether you’re having fun with your hobbies or selling products or services.
  • A higher volume of traffic ups your chance of finding your ideal reader or target market. It’s a numbers game. Assuming that a certain percentage of your traffic turns into long-term fans and advocates (I also love to refer to them as ‘street teams’ because they will go out there to promote your blog when they see the benefit you offer them), more traffic means better chances of finding those people.
  • With more traffic you have the potential to sell more, if selling is your aim. Again, it’s a numbers game. More traffic means that you’ll get your offer in front of more eyes.
  • More traffic and the growing readership it brings means more chances to engage with people online. This is what the internet is all about, whether you’re selling or not. You can grow your community with your blog.
  • In this 67 page e-book, you will also receive a Summary Checklist and a Workbook to print out, found at the end of the e-book.

Take a sneak peek at the Contents:

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