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Debauchery: Victoria's Burning

BOOK 4 IN THE FATE AND FANGS SERIES: Feel love, experience punishment, know struggle, indulge the debauchery, crave lust, learn humanity, face resurrection, and choose: Fate or Fangs?
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Debauchery: Victoria's Burning

Book Four in The Fate and Fangs Series

A Short Story by: Kristin Battestella

Genre: Paranormal Dark Fiction

Release: November 4, 2011

Editor: Lea Schizas

Line editor: Tanja Cilia

Cover artist: Suzannah Safi

Words: 3000

Pages: 20

ISBN: 978-1-927361-06-1

Price: $0.99

Back Cover:

In Professor Welshire’s fourth Fate and Fangs chronicle, Victoria uses the fallout from the American Civil War to her advantage-or so the beautiful but deadly blockade-runner hopes.  After all her using, abusing, and feedings, Victoria’s slaves finally take matters into their own hands, forcing Antonio’s daughter to face her own mortality.


I felt an immense, seething, scathing pain above my left eye.  Blood screamed over my vision and I tasted my own flavor as it trickled into my mouth.  Yes, blood didn’t show on my black gown, but that wasn’t the point.  I backed away and covered my face.  I dare admit it, but I must confess I think I was stunned, even shocked.  As I stumbled backward to the steps, the heathens moved forward.  I think they chanted at me, me! At first they slinked together, in time with their black friends.  Then they screamed and charged forth.  I moved so slow! In the confusion, I couldn’t even levitate, and I tripped again on the damn hoop.  I slipped and tumbled end over end down the staircase.  Everything hurt as I bumped each and every friggin’ step.  I felt trapped, suffocating as my petticoats wrapped around my head.  I skidded and rolled down the treads and smacked flat on the landing.



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