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Earwax and Cadillacs: The Final Adventure of Mucus Phlegmball

Superhero, Mucus Phlegmball, battles his arch enemy, Turner, after accidentally giving him superpowers with a snooger to the head.
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Author: Kerry Crowley

The third installment in the Mucus Phelgmball series finds 11-year old superhero, Marcus Fleming, freaking out because he snoogered Turner, the town bully, in the head.

Despite his best friend Chunk's reassurance, Marcus is afraid trouble is looming when Turner fails to ride the bus the next day. Then Marcus wakes up during the night and sees someone in his backyard, staring up at his window and is convinced he started trouble.

The next morning, Marcus finds a fluorescent green blob on his lawn. The color is too similar to his snoogers to be a coincidence.

Marcus takes the rubbery substance to Dr. Boogerslinger and his worst fears are confirmed. It's earwax, it's Turner's and it's explosive. Are Mucus Phlegmball and Master Blaster about to face their first human villain?

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Title Earwax and Cadillacs: The Final Adventure of Mucus Phlegmball
Series The Adventures of Mucus Phlegmball
Author Kerry Crowley
Genre Middle-Grade Magical Realism
Release January 2018
Designer Charlotte Volnek
Length 232 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-982-6
Price $5.99
Tags Children's book, humor, Superheroes, super powers, friendship, bullying, crushes, science fiction, time-travel, radioactive snot, radioactive farts, radioactive earwax, platypus,

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