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Forbidden Magic

Will Tabitha’s secret be her undoing?
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Author: Heather Dade

When witches need their dirty work done, they call one person; their Enforcer Tabitha Drake. She is lethal and powerful with a dangerous secret. All magic comes at a cost, but she never has to pay. If the Conclave of witches ever found out, they’d experiment on her until there was nothing left.

When a witch in South Carolina starts consolidating magic, the Conclave sends Tabitha to take care of it. There she runs into Dez, a born vampire with a secret of his own. It’s hard to work with someone you can’t trust, but it’s even harder when emotions start to get in the way. When secrets are revealed, Tabitha has to put her trust in a vampire shrouded in secrets. Will Tabitha’s heart get broken or is this the first step to a normal life?

Coming soon in paperback

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Title Forbidden Magic
Series A Clandestine Darkness Novel #1
Author Heather Dade
Genre Paranormal Romance
Release October 17, 2017
Designer J. Windrow Designs
E-ISBN 978-1-77127-945-1
P-ISBN 978-1-77127-946-8
Length Ebook 82 pages - Paperback coming soon
e-Price $3.99
P-Price coming soon
Tags vampire, witch, magic, danger, ancient god, bounty hunter, forbidden magic


Fire erupted around us. It roared like some apocalyptic monster as it consumed everything it contacted. The heat was unbearable. I grabbed Susan’s hands, trying to contain the monster I released.

Susan screamed as the fire ate at her flesh and ignited her hair. I could hear my father pounding on the door, begging us to let him in. I closed my eyes and shut it all out.

I did this. I could stop it.

A sucking sound filled the room. Susan’s hands were ripped from mine as magic threw me across the room, pinning me to the wall. I kept my eyes closed, refusing to let the carnage around me distract my focus. I had to fix this.






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