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Nothin’ But Net

Blake Creekmore just cost his middle-school basketball team its shot at the district championship—and he’s not even on the team.
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Author: Kris Rutherford

Genre  Tween Sports Fiction

Release  April 19, 2013

Editor  Nancy Bell

Line Editor  Katie O'Carroll

Cover Designer  Charlotte Volnek

Words  17301

Pages  67

ISBN  978-1-77127-302-2

Price  $3.50


Back Cover

Blake Creekmore just cost his middle-school basketball team its shot at the district championship—and he’s not even on the team. Blake would much rather be at a Boy Scout meeting than any sporting event. He convinces his best friend Dustin, the school’s star athlete, to join him in an afternoon on the lake, where tragedy strikes. Dustin is injured and lost for the season, and Blake bears the blame of the team, the coach, and his classmates.

Battling his guilt, Blake seeks refuge in the activity he knows
best—bass fishing and enjoying the outdoors. With the support of his father, a local bait shop owner, and a most unlikely character, Blake learns the importance of friendship and what it takes to be a member of a team. And, in the process, he unwittingly teaches his classmates a few lessons about life and the environment as well.


“It’s about time,” I said as Dustin came out of the locker room.

“Hey, Blake. Did you catch that finish?” Dustin asked. “It doesn’t get more exciting than that.”

“I got it all on tape,” I said. “But, you wanna talk exciting? Just wait ‘til you land a three pound largemouth bass!”

Dustin shook his head. “Can’t compare to the roar of the crowd.”

 I couldn’t have cared less about the roar of the crowd. In fact, the farther I could get from the crowd, the better. I was only the basketball team’s videographer because my mother made me do it—and Dustin begged.

Mark Rice caught up to us as we reached the exit.

“You coming with us, Dustin?” he asked. “Coach Benson’s taking the team to the Pizza Shack to celebrate.”

Mark looked at me.

“I suppose you can come, too, Creekmore,” he said, without nearly as much enthusiasm.

“Gee,” I said. “Thanks for the big invitation.”

Dustin turned to Mark excitedly, but stopped short.

“Nah, not today,” he said. “We’re going fishing.”

Dustin was the Pirates captain, and he never missed a team get-together. But, a deal was deal, and he knew he wasn’t getting out of this one.

“Fishing!” Mark said. “You’ve gotta be kidding. You really want to be like enviro-nerd here?”

Mark flicked me in the back of the head with his index finger, but not nearly hard enough to knock the “I’d Rather be Fishing” ball cap off my mop of red hair.

“What a jerk,” I said as Mark pranced off to meet up with another teammate.

“Don’t mind him,” Dustin said, and we walked to the bike rack outside the gym. “Let’s get this over with.”


 About the Author


Kris Rutherford has been a recreation and natural resources management professional for nearly 25 years and has been involved in youth sports as a player, volunteer, coach, and administrator his entire life. He holds a Master of Agriculture from Colorado State University and majored in Recreation Administration at Arkansas Tech University.

“Nothin’ But Net” is Kris’ third published book. He has also authored the youth sports novel “Batting Ninth” and a non-fiction work, “Homeseekers, Parasites, and the Texas Midland: The Texas League in Paris, 1896-1904.” In addition, he has published a number of articles in professional Recreation and Parks and Municipal Government journals.

Kris has held positions with Arkansas State Parks and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and currently serves as Grants Officer for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture. He lives in Maumelle, Arkansas, with his wife and three children.




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