High Street Dares: The Locket of Doom and The Ghostly Connection

Dare Mags to do anything and she’s game, but make it a double dare, and face the whole High Street Gang.
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Author: Buffy Andrews

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High Steet Dares

The Locket of Doom and The Ghostly Connection

2 books in 1

by Buffy Andrews

Genre Middle Grade Action Adventure

Tags  Scary, series, childhood, kids, mystery, growing up, middle school, middle grade,

Release January 27, 2015

Cover Designer Charlotte Volnek

Words  30586

Pages  165

P-ISBN 978-1-77127-833-1

E-ISBN 978-1-77127-665-8

Price $4.50 E-book $7.95 Paperback

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Dares and danger...

Dare Mags to do anything and she’s game. Make it a double dare, and face the whole High Street Gang.

In the Locket of Doom, Mags' sister and A.J.'s brother, double dare the gang to walk through the cemetery at midnight and perform a spell to make a stone statue cry. But weird things have been happening ever since A.J. started wearing an old locket she found in the park. For one thing, she can’t take the locket off. When an old woman who smells like rotten garbage and has different-colored eyes shows up, things go from bad to worse. Every time A.J. sees the old woman, the locket shrinks. Somehow the locket, the stone statue, and the lady are related. Can the gang figure out the mystery in time to save A.J.?

In The Ghostly Connection, the gang faces another dare—sleeping in a haunted barn. But there’s a lot more to the dare, including another mystery to solve. There’s a good ghost, a bad ghost, and an important message to deliver. Oh, and a treasure to find!


“But I’m scared, Mags. I don’t mind walking through the cemetery during the day, but at night? Walking on top of all those dead people when it’s dark gives me the creeps.”

I wasn’t crazy about the idea either. I mean, standing in the middle of a cemetery at midnight isn’t my idea of fun. But I, Margaret Mary O’Malley, never back down from a dare. A.J.’s older brother, Tom, had dared our group, the High Street Gang, to walk through the dark cemetery.

“What’s there to be afraid of?” I asked. “Everyone’s dead. Besides, I really want to see if the statue cries.”

“What statue?”

“The one in the middle of the cemetery. You know the one. The lady. It’s the only statue in the entire cemetery. It cries.”

A.J. turned as white as a ghost. “Come on, Mags. You don’t really believe all that crap.”

“I know it sounds crazy, but what if it does? Wouldn’t it be cool to see? Elizabeth said if you walk around the statue at midnight, three times to the left then three times to the right, with your eyes closed, and say ‘Show us your tears,’ she’ll cry.”

“If you think I’m going to walk around some stupid stone statue at midnight, you’re crazy. Besides, I thought the dare was to walk through the cemetery, not dance around some statue.”

“Oh, guess I sort of forgot to mention the double dare.”

“We’ve been double dared?”




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