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When love and desperation collide, the pressure is on. She rescues someone she loves only to lose another…
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Smaller and smaller the world grew. I closed my eyes and wished I could stay right there in Lain’s arms, high above the earth and sea; where, for a moment in time, I did not exist anywhere.

When love and desperation collide, the pressure is on. She rescues someone she loves only to lose another…

 Being the daughter to the Devil has its draw backs, just ask seventeen-year-old Desdemona Starr, aka Dessi, who attends the Morning Star Institute, a private school where teenage Hellions, paranormals like Dessi, can learn and practice their Hell-given crafts.  There Dessi’s life takes a dramatic turn towards chaos when she learns she’s part of a prophecy foretelling she will one day tip the scale of Light or Dark, ultimately creating a war between Heaven and Hell.

Pulled in one direction by an intense desire for her Hellhound boyfriend, Ace, and in another by her profound connection to the prophecy set on making her life a living Hell, pun intended, Dessi endures loss and suffers discord to reach a critical point in her life; the impossible question of who to save first.

While she is devising a plan to free her brother from his imprisonment, she is too distracted by wailing vindictive banshees, evil spirits set on torturing her, and moon rituals going awry, to notice the boy she loves slowly slipping away from her. Will Dessi lose more than she bargained for this time? 

Heartache is inevitable.

And this time when all of the monsters that go bump in the night come out to play, it’s eat or be eaten. Life in Hell just got hotter for this dark princess, and only a certain pesky Angel can save her now.

Title Shameless
Author Alissa T. Hunter
Series Morning Institute
Genre YA Dark Fantasy Paranormal Romance
Release March 29, 2016
Designer Suzannah Safi
Length 272
ISBN 978-1-77127-789-1
Price $5.99
Tags Angels, demons, Vampire, Princess, shape-shifting, hellhound, end of the world, prophecy, Nephilim, devil, Apollyon, mythology, Greece, Greek, romance, teenagers, teenage, succubus, castles, Underworld, magic, banshee,  


I began to make my way back to shore, but didn’t make it far when something in the water caught hold of my ankle and pulled me under.

I didn’t have the chance to hold my breath, and already felt as though my lungs were empty and seizing in panic while whatever had a hold of my ankle, continued to keep me beneath the water’s surface.

It wasn’t long before I was too tired to struggle anymore, my limbs weren’t responding to my brain telling them to keep moving, to keep swimming. Without my thrashing around and struggling, I could see clearly for once.

At first, all I could see was her dark, auburn-colored hair floating upward, until the woman let go of her hold on my ankle, probably knowing I did not have enough strength to swim to escape her anyway. She glided up closer, putting us face to face. And then did something strange. She smiled.

The resemblance this woman had to my mother was shocking. Maybe it was because I was drowning and near death, I’m not sure, but at that precise moment, I didn’t think I’d ever seen anything more beautiful.

I fought to keep my eyes open when all they wanted to do was to shut. All I wanted to do was sleep. It took all of my might to keep them open to see her.

“No, my sweet, beautiful Angel, you mustn’t die, not now,” the woman’s voice filled my mind. My eyes widened. That voice, so familiar, like a lullaby once forgotten and only heard again recently. Her hand floated up to my face where she ran one finger down the length of my cheek. “You have so much to do still—go, go back now.” Her voice trailed off into the crashing waves overhead. The woman was telling me to go, but I was too tired to do anything. The sea pressed down on me and my mind closed off. My body felt light, like I no longer weighed anything at all. Reaching a hand out trying to touch her, just once, that’s all I wanted before my imminent doom took me. A doom which never came. Something strong reached down into the water, grabbed a hold of the back of my T-shirt, and pulled me free from the sea’s cold, unremitting fingers.

From then on, my vision went in and out, not allowing me to connect all the pieces of what was happening. All I could hear was the sound of a man’s muffled voice trying to break through to me.

Finally managing to get a few salty coughs out from having swallowed too much water, the strong hands that had pulled me free from the sea’s prison, rolled me over and began patting me on the back, making certain I’d gotten it all out.

Elevated to a sitting position, still trying to catch my breath, my lungs heaved in and out, rejoicing in finally getting air to fill them back up again. The sounds of someone nearby breathing heavily reminded me I was not alone. Hair and sand needed to be removed from my face first in order to see who had rescued me.

Kione, of all people, was the last person I’d expected to see sitting across from me, worry he’d almost lost me evident on his face. I had to be dead for this to be happening.

On instinct, I began putting as much distance between me and Kione as fast as I could by digging my heels into the sand, crawling backward. He remained where he was kneeling in the sand, watching me, and making no effort to come closer or calm me.

My throat felt scratchy and raw when trying to speak, and at first no sound came out. After clearing my throat a few times, I finally managed to get a few words in. “You pulled me out of the water?”

He gave me a curious expression, “Yes.” “Why?” This was Kione we were talking about here, and as far as I was concerned saving my life one time—okay so he saved me twice now, not to be keeping score—it didn’t make me trust him anymore. Abaddon had trusted him once, and look where his trust got him.

“Why did I save your life?” he repeated, humored by my blatant hostility.

In answer, I found my feet and stood over him, wobbling from the light-headedness of almost drowning. Kione reached out to steady me, “No, don’t,” I told him.

He huffed once before following suit to stand, dusting off his knees and saying, “It’s my duty here as a mentor of the Morning Star to ensure the Dark Princess’s safety,” he said simply.

I snorted at hearing this. “Don’t think this will change anything between us, I still don’t trust you.”

“Of course.” He glanced in the direction of the water which was now under the glow of the moon.

The worry I had spotted on his face earlier had returned. He seemed just as unsettled as I was by what had happened. I shivered with the memory of almost drowning.

Kione mistook my shiver and said, “You must be chilly, and it’s going to get cooler. I need to take you back to the Dark Manor now. With your permission of course,” he added smoothly.

With the mention of the Manor, visions of crawling into my bed and pulling the covers over me and putting this awful night in the past took precedence, and I let Kione lead me back toward the Manor. All the while an unsettling thought crept its way into my mind, knowing that if Kione tried to pull something, I was too weak to do anything and my voice too raw to scream.









Wednesday, 30 March 2016
Dessi's story continues in the 2nd book of the Morning Star Institute series with even more exciting action, deeper relationships between the characters, vivid scenes that will stay with you long after you put the book down, a little suspense, a little romance, some butt-kicking fights, a lot of mystery behind the motives of the some of the characters' actions- namely Kione, Dessi's main antagonist. This plot is so much more than the classic battle between good and evil. Alissa's characters all show that they each possess both traits. I didn't want this book to end! I can't wait for the 3rd book in the series to find out what happened to Dessi's mother, how Dessi will fulfill the prophecy, what's in Dessi and Ace's romantic future.
Alissa's writing skills have matured, much the same way her characters have. Definitely a talented young author with a great future.

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