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Steal It All

Donovan has seen hauls worth stealing, but he’s never had the chance to steal it all.
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Author: Chuck Bowie
The third story in the series Donovan: Thief For Hire, begins with a brutal daylight murder of an English citizen in the Canadian embassy in London, England. The ambassador calls upon a combination of Scotland Yard and the RCMP .
Then there’s the ace up his sleeve. Sean Donovan, a thief for hire who doubles as a security consultant.
But Donovan isn’t nearby. He’s in Canada, learning about the business of winemaking and thinking about his new girl, and contemplating his recent exit from the business of theft.
Even as he inches away from a life of crime, an art collector he owes a favor to, approaches him: is he willing to do the tiniest of thefts? Would Donovan track down a missing piece of art? Can the collector, Gaia, be trusted? Of course not. Can Donovan resist? Of course not. Is there easy money to be made? Oh, yes.
Nothing is ever easy for him.
Donovan may be betting his life on this gig.

Title Steal It All
Author Chuck Bowie
Series Donovan: Thief for Hire
Genre Suspense Thriller
Release January 26, 2016
Length 254 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-776-1
Price $5.99
Artist DKDesigns
Tags Thriller, Suspense, Murder, Theft, Manchester, London, Niagara, Ambleside, England, Canada, Lakes District, Gang, Consortium, New York City, Art, Warehouse, Scotland Yard, RCMP, Romania, Constanta, Bucharest, Wine, Winery, Vineyard, Travel, Thief For Hire, Contract Thief, Hammersmith, Gaia, Embassy, Ambassador, Potato, Lorry, Truck,

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The man went to work. “What’s your first name?” He pulled out a set of handcuffs, clicking one manacle onto her left wrist.


“Okay, Brenda, sit on the toilet in the far cubicle.” He produced two feet of wire cable and moved closer to run the cable behind the toilet reservoir. He leaned in, straddled above her, in order to complete the wire attachment. Her knee came up, hard, making contact with his inner thigh.

“Ungh!” He sat down on her lap and one hand closed off her windpipe. Squeezing hard enough to send a message, he breathed out a terse statement. “That wasn’t in our script. Bravery will make your child an orphan, Brenda.”

He released his grip and covered her mouth with duct tape, and then stepped away. He used the tape to secure her feet at the ankles and then wrapped it around the toilet seat. “I’m sorry,” he said, double checking the tape on her mouth, and then he left.

Once outside the washroom, the man continued down the hall, turned right and walked all the way to the back corner of the floor. He approached the door marked Director, Trade, opened it and walked in.

The door, very solid, closed behind the intruder and the discreet click alerted the director to the presence of a guest. He swivelled around in time to receive a slug between the eyes. The man fired a second shot through the director’s heart, but he was already dead.





Friday, 19 August 2016
In Steal it All, Book Three of the Donovan: Thief for Hire series, Sean Donovan has retired from his career as a security agent/master thief, and has been quietly working his way through the various at a family-owned Ontario winery having financial problems, with an eye toward buying the place and working side-by-side with the current owners to keep it running with the family feeling for the workers and quality the label has always represented. He neither wants to see the winery turned into a corporate factory, nor the family and workers ousted. Donavan could use a few more dollars to do so comfortably, however.

Enter the Canadian government. And his old nemesis, Gaia,—both of whom have jobs for him. The government wants him to travel to England to join a task force investigating the murder of an Embassy employee that took place in his office, and the suicide of his murderer. The case isn’t as open/shut as it appears, as no one, not even Scotland Yard, can identify the murderer. Gaia’s little art theft seems quite simple in comparison. But then, when is anything ever simple?

I confess—I’m a fan of Sean Donovan. I’ve read the entire series, and so far, the quality remains high. Each book is a stand-alone. Mr. Bowie relies on the page-burning twisty plots and the character-driven high quality of his writing to keep fans coming back to his books, rather than cliff-hanger endings. It’s fun trying to guess who the bad guys are and why they do what they do. Mr. Bowie is an author who manages to stump me. I highly recommend "Steal it All," and all of the Donovan: Thief for Hire books. You don’t necessarily have to read them in order, but I like to do so with series.

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