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The Soul of Adam Short

Ever wondered what it would be like to have your soul ripped from your body? Adam Short knows.
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The cares of life are beginning to cloud fifteen-year-old Adam Short's carefree existence. Important exams are looming, his girlfriend Julie thinks he's unfocused, and right now he's about to be late for the school trip. Neither his teacher, nor Julie, will be pleased if he misses the bus.

Adam has much bigger problems when, in an extraordinary accident, his soul is torn from his body. His body loses all consciousness−reduced to a mere automaton existence: eating when food is put in its mouth, moving when guided, reacting only to touch. Meanwhile, Adam, discovering that ghosts are very much real, is trapped without a body, and stuck in a place from which he cannot freely leave.

Only the untiring efforts of his girlfriend Julie−who had never considered the existence of a soul, and for whom the idea of ghosts is laughable−against the advice of everyone around her, including her parents, Adam’s doctor, and his best friend can save Adam. Will she be able to figure out what has happened to Adam? Even if she does, can Julie helpAdam escape the scene of his accident, and return the life to his body?

10% of the author's royalties will be donated to WWF, the World Wildlife Fund

Title   The Soul of Adam Short
Author   David J. O'Brien
Genre   YA Paranormal
Release   October 6, 2015
Designer   Suzannah Safi
Length   208 Pages
ISBN   978-1-77127-752-5
Price   $5.99
Tags   Paranormal, ghosts, souls, afterlife, spirits, science, faith, friendship, loyalty, courage, medical science, conundrums, investigation, research, taking action, dreams, love, never giving up
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The truck swerved, as if to avoid something that wasn’t there. It seemed to skid along the road, but Adam heard no screech of brakes, no sound whatsoever. It began to turn, sliding across the white line in the centre of the road. Then it seemed to mount an invisible footpath, bucking and jumping. Twisting round and slowing down as if pushing through a net, it suddenly burst into flames. Adam cringed and thought about Julie: she’d be angry when he didn’t turn up, and he wished he could tell her he was sorry.

Then the truck was upon him.

Adam didn’t feel the force of the truck, the impact, didn’t feel the hard metal crash into his bike and his flesh with the force of its terrible momentum. He didn’t feel the heat of the flames. In fact, he felt cold, very cold.

Instead of knocking him over or pushing him forcefully up over the bonnet, the bumper passed right through him. The bonnet and the engine block did the same. Adam could see the ground, his feet, and the pedals of the bike. He could feel his feet, and they felt like ice.

The rest of the car passed through his body, and Adam felt nothing at all.



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