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Emily must help a murdered child find closure and stop a vengeful ghost from possessing and destroying innocent lives.
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by Donna Jean McDunn

Series  The Nightmares Series Book Two

Genre  Young Adult Paranormal

Imprint  MuseItYA

Tags  paranormal, ghosts, visions, premonitions, psychic, possession, young adult, mystery, ghost dog, child ghost, abandoned barn, nightmares, psychic soulmate, revenge, murder, images sociopath, Shadow, entity, serial killers,

Release  August 28, 2014

Editor  V.L. Murray

Line Editor  Greta Gunselman

Cover Designer  Charlotte Volnek

Words  60784

Pages  230

ISBN  978-1-77127-563-7

Price  $5.95

Back Cover

Emily's psychic abilities have grown since the acceptance of her “gift” and the defeat of the father and son sociopaths, the Nelsons, whom she has sent away to prison for life.

But when an old friend of her boyfriend, Tony, comes to Charles City, Emily is suspicious and fears things may not be as they seem. Something, or someone, a “Shadow” of darkness, appears to be taking over the bodies of new friends and old.

Then Max, Emily’s murdered dog from her childhood, suddenly comes onto the scene. Emily is certain the ghost dog’s presence means big trouble is brewing.

As her fears grow, the arrival of a young murder victim, adds to her stress, but she vows to find a way to help the child, no matter what.

Her visions aren’t working and only adding to her confusion.

A young man shows up, ostensibly to be of assistance. He claims to be her ‘soulmate’ of sorts. But is he? Or is he simply symbolic of more trouble on the horizon for Emily and her true love?

Will Emily accept his help to protect those most important to her from an evil, vengeful ghost, and prevent him from turning the innocent into killers?

And will she discover where the child’s body is hidden and who killed her, so the young girl and her family can finally have peace? Perhaps, in this case, only the “Shadow” knows.  


Neither Tony nor his mother even flinched when the dog growled, but Devon was staring at the Rottweiler. “This is none of your business,” he said to the ghost dog.

The dog’s teeth bared as he took a warning step toward the two boys.

Devon can see Max. She didn’t get a chance to process what she’d just witnessed before Tony’s face flushed red and he grabbed the front of Devon’s shirt. “It’s my business when I come home and find Mom half out of her mind from worrying about you.” He pressed up close to his brother. “Now tell Mom where you’ve been and you’d better apologize for acting like an ass.”

Devon glared at Tony, but then a sly smile parted his lips. He straightened his shirt where his brother had grabbed it. “Okay. You want to know where I’ve been, big brother. I was with sweet little Stephanie, only she ain’t so sweet no more.”

Tony’s jaw dropped open in surprise. Devon broke into hysterical laughter. “You should see your face.”

Tony lunged, but Devon staggered to one side and Tony landed on the kitchen table, just missing his mother and knocking her coffee cup to the floor where it shattered. Tony glared. “I don’t believe you.”

His younger brother grinned. “I don’t care what you believe, Brother. It’s true.”

Tony suddenly grabbed Devon by the shoulders. His eyes narrowed. “Have you been drinking?”

Devon blinked several times as if he didn’t understand the question, then brought his arms up and knocked Tony’s hands free. Tony stumbled a few steps backward.

Pure rage filled Tony’s eyes and the sight made Emily’s stomach lurch. His hands curled into fists and before she had time to think about what she was doing, she stepped in front of him and placed her hands on his chest. “Tony, no.”

For one dreadful moment, she thought he might push her out of the way like Devon had pushed their mother, but his eyes lowered and she saw the fight begin to drain away. He started to say something but fingers seized her shoulder from behind with a crushing grip. She flinched with pain and struck out with the back of her hand. Max launched himself at Devon before she could find her mark and somehow knocked the young man to the floor. He landed with a loud thud hard enough to rattle the dishes in the cupboards.

The boys’ mother screamed and dropped onto the tile beside her youngest son, totally unaware of the massive black dog standing over him, growling into his face. “Devon, are you alright?” She looked at Tony. “You didn’t have to hit him so hard.”

“I…I didn’t…”

“Get it off of me!” Devon screamed. “It’s going to rip my throat out!” He tried to squirm away from Max, but the dog growled and lowered his head until he stared directly into the teen’s eyes. Devon froze. “Emily, get it off of me!” he pleaded.

“Devon, honey, there’s nothing on you.” Mrs. Shaw looked at Tony. “He must have hit his head when you pushed him.”

“I didn’t push him. He’s drunk,” Tony reiterated. A look of disgust crossed his face. “He’s out of his mind.”

Tony leaned toward Emily’s ear and whispered, “Call the dog off.”

His mother knew she was psychic, but they hadn’t told her Emily could see and speak to ghosts. She whispered back, “But your mom?”

He shrugged, keeping his eyes on his brother who was still lying on the floor. “Call the dog off.” He said it louder this time so even his mother could hear.

“Max, come.” Emily spoke the command with authority.

The Rottweiler looked back at his mistress and whined. “Max, come,” she repeated. He reluctantly returned to her side.

Devon scrambled to his feet, looking totally bewildered. “Where’d it go?”

Apparently, he could no longer see the dog. It made no sense why he would be able to see him in the first place. She would have to ask Tony’s “ghostly” father that question, if she ever saw him again.

Her attention was drawn to Molly whose whole body was trembling. Emily put an arm around the woman’s shoulders. “Maybe you’d better sit back down.”

She nodded and Emily led her once again to the kitchen chair, and then picked up the broken cup and threw it into the trash.

Devon dropped onto a seat and grabbed his head with his hands. “What’s going on? Why does my head hurt?”

Tony tapped him firmly on the shoulder. “There’s no use trying to pretend you have a head injury. We know you’ve been drinking. Your breath reeks. You better hope your coach doesn’t find out about this or you’ll be off the team.” Tony shook his head. Worry lines creased his forehead. “Have you lost your mind? You make a really lousy drunk, coming home and treating Emily and Mom like that.”

Throughout Tony’s speech, Devon kept shaking his head, which was still buried in his hands. “I don’t remember coming home. Stephanie wanted to go to a party she’d heard about. She made fun of me because I wouldn’t drink.” He looked up at them. “I’m not denying that I had a beer. I gave in and drank one. But that’s all I remember until I woke up with that black dog standing over me.” He looked confused again. “At least I think it was a dog. It’s all kind of fuzzy now.”

Tony rolled his eyes. “Do you expect us to believe that tiny little girl made you drink a beer? I suppose next you’ll say she spiked it with something. You’re going to have to do better than that.”

“I’m not blaming Steph. I knew it was wrong.” He rubbed his head again before looking at his mother and Emily. “I don’t know what happened, but I’m sorry.”

Emily regarded Max sitting beside her, completely relaxed now, as if he sensed Devon was no longer a threat. Maybe there was more truth to Devon’s story than Tony was willing to believe.

She had tried to warn him Stephanie wasn’t what he thought and Devon’s tale confirmed it. Whatever had influenced the girl, had somehow moved on to Devon and caused a lot of trouble. But…where was it now and what was it going to do next?




Thursday, 11 September 2014
I loved this book. Emotional. Emily can see and talk to ghosts. It's scary when an evil spirit takes over her boyfriend. She needs to solve the mystery behind a little girls death. Ghosts. Ghost dog. Evil spirit. Romance. Great friends. All these elements make this story a great read. I look forward to reading more books by Donna Jean McDunn.
kay lalone

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