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Rocket Farts, Zombie Parts: The Continuing Adventures of Mucus Phlegmball

Superhero Mucus Phlegmball returns to battle zombies and wereducks with the help of his best friend's newly discovered rocket farts.
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Author: Kerry Crowley

Superhero Mucus Phlegmball is back! Fresh on the heels of his defeat of the radioactive mutant squirrels, Marcus is shocked when his best friend, Chunk, shares his plan to borrow Dr. Boogerslinger's time machine to steal the answers for a math test. Fearing his buddy might flunk fifth grade, Marcus reluctantly agrees, but immediately regrets it when an unexpected power outage throws the boys off course through a wormhole in space.

Instead of going forward a few days to Lugeyville Elementary, the pair soon discover they have landed on a strange sunless planet inhabited by zombies. In a hurry to get home, they don't notice they've picked up a stow-away, a dangerous alien wereduck. Upon landing, the unwanted passenger escapes, tearing up Dr. Boogerslinger's lab and eventually attacking two classmates, putting all of Lugeyville in danger.

The trip through the wormhole also seems to have triggered a new "ability" for Chunk. Every time is he is scared or stressed, his butt takes over and shoots him up in the air. These radioactive rocket farts are combined with an awful stench and a green mist capable of knocking a person out cold. At first, Chunk is worried he might be sick, but when Marcus reminds him he once hit him in the butt with a radioactive snooger, the boys come to the conclusion they are now a superhero duo.

Working together, Mucus Phlegmball and his sidekick, Master Blaster, must save their town by capturing and returning the vicious wereduck to his home planet. Can these two still inexperienced superheroes once again save the day?

Title Rocket Farts, Zombie Parts: The Continuing Adventures of Mucus Phlegmball
Series The Adventures of Mucus Phlegmball
Author Kerry Crowley
Genre MuseItYoung Magical Realism, Fantasy
Release December 6, 2016
Designer Charlotte Volnek
Length 143 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-877-5
Price $4.99
Tags Farts, snot, mucus, time travel, space travel, aliens, wormholes, zombies, radiation, superpowers, sci-fi, humor, llamas, friendship,

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Marcus wasted no time once they flushed themselves inside, heading straight for the control panel to set the dials to take them ahead to Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at Lugeyville Elementary School. He read the coordinates out loud to Chunk to make sure things were programmed right and then went to strap himself into his seat. Marcus gave Simon the thumbs up and Simon bounded over and jumped on the big red button. Marcus gripped the armrest tighter as he felt the now familiar sensation of the time machine and his body splintering into millions of pinpoints of light.

At least this will be a short trip, Marcus thought, waiting for the whirring noise to stop. Instead, the noise in the time machine got louder and the lights flickered, then went out. Now what? This was supposed to be easy. A quick in and out. He knew the coordinates were right, so why was it taking so long and what was with all the racket?

Marcus’ body was thrown forward as he and the time machine reformed. The silence now was eerie.




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