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Ruins Legacy

At her son’s shaman testing, Kate faces personal ruins, dark secrets, psychic abilities, and a native woman who challenges everything.
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Author: Janie Franz

Kate Ferguson’s life is crumbling around her as she is shoved out of her ten-year-old son’s life as he prepares for his testing to be the next shaman. Relegated to babysitting a pregnant woman she doesn’t even know in an unfamiliar place, she is bombarded by her son’s growing abilities and her own, dark secrets, strange revelations, spiritual trials, and an intriguing female ranch hand who challenges everything she knows.

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Title Ruins Legacy
Series Legacy
Author Janie Franz
Genre Romance/Paranormal/F/F Contemporary
Release 2018
Designer  Eerilyfair Design
Length 245 pages
ISBN 978-1-77392-013-9
Price $5.99
Tags Native Americans, horses, curandera, paranormal, psychic shielding, lesbians, healers, dancing, vision quest, feminism


It had taken over three years to develop that rickety rapport as Kate replaced Paul as his pupil. Her husband had then taken on the role of guide for his son, leaving Kate painfully aware more than George could remind her that she was a woman and therefore excluded. She felt that sting more since George passed five years ago.

Kate realized anew how Paul’s sister, Mala, had chaffed under the same yoke of sexual bigotry. Not even now when her own son, Cesar, approached his ordeal, too, could Marla achieve any satisfaction for her role as a female because she would be as excluded as Kate in the coming rites.

Sighing, Kate opened her eyes. Her role in Allen’s ordeal would be one of waiting. She consoled herself with the necessity to become accustomed to it, even now waiting for her son to speak.

“She’s really scared,” Allen said in almost a whisper.

Kate studied the boy’s face. Delores had telegraphed her fear to him. Wondering how to explain those first-baby jitters to a boy, she began, “That’s normal, Allen. Having a baby the first time is scary. Your Aunt Delores doesn’t know what she can—”

“Not her, Mom,” he interrupted.

Kate wrinkled her forehead in question as Allen looked at her helplessly.

“The baby. She’s so scared.”







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