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$6.99 NOW ONLY $2.99

Shadows of Aizai

As two seventeenth-century magicians strive to discover the magic of Aizai, the world of shadows threatens everything they have achieved.
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Wolfdon Pellegrin and Toulouse Saloman, two eighteen-year-old boys living in seventeenth-century Spain, have recently discovered they are to become founders of a future paradise called Aizai. It will be created by the Magicians, who form a secret society scattered throughout the world. However, they are threatened by dark magicians called the Magi, who have for many ages been impeding the Magicians’ success.

While Toulouse is initiated into an order of Magicians and must learn from a spirit-commanding sorceress and a misanthropic Magician, Wolfdon is trapped in the Middle Ages by the haughty son of a great Magician and must find a way to return to the present. Yet what he finds in the past may have great bearings on the formation of Aizai itself.

As the shadow world of the Magi encroaches upon them, Wolfdon and Toulouse must discover the remaining founders of Aizai and its magic before it is too late.

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Title Shadows of Aizai
Series The Soul Wanderers Book 2
Author Mary-Jean Harris
Genre YA Fantasy
Release 2018
Designer Eerilyfair Design
Length 633 pages
ISBN 978-1-77392-025-2
Price $6.99
Tags Young adult, young adult fantasy, fantasy, historical fantasy, 17th century, 12th century, magic, magicians, druids, monastery, castles, secret society, paradise, sorcery, philosophy, Plato's cave, reincarnation


“We’ve both read enough about alchemy to be masters. With some practice,” Toulouse added. “We’re in the right place. And perhaps…” Toulouse stroked Kosmos’s cool scales. “We just need to live.”

Wolfdon snapped his head up, the face of the goddess fading from his sight. “Live? I am living!”

Toulouse laughed. “I lived when my father was alive, or at least, he lived and I tagged along. He traveled everywhere and did real magic, and we still read books, but there’s more to it than that. We’re living in books, Wolfdon. Fascinating ones, but books nonetheless.”

Wolfdon scowled. Ever since he’d returned from the future paradise, Aizai, and had met Toulouse in Santamiguero, he’d committed himself to learn magic, to access that great power he’d been so exalted to in Aizai. He needed to, because he and Toulouse were to among the founders of Aizai. He had certainly read much about magic, but there was no instruction manual on becoming a Magician, and most attempts he and Toulouse had made to do even the slightest glimmer of magic had been unsuccessful. So Wolfdon read, as he always did. He’d managed to alight some gems with the power of illumination, though he suspected that they had magical qualities already. He’d also developed the ability to hear Sagittarius running a few miles away, the sound of his stallion’s hooves as he whisked through the Spanish plains. But Wolfdon was unsatisfied with this.

“We’ve tried already,” Wolfdon eventually said.

“And we’ll try again,” Toulouse chimed in. He took Kosmos from his shoulder and held him in his palm, closing his eyes. The sunlight flickered off Kosmos’s tiny scales, dancing as the snake shifted his position. The sunlight continued to intensify until Kosmos’s scales were flashing a brilliant gold, and the dark embroidery of snakes on the sides of Toulouse’s vest started to wriggle.

“Ha! They’re doing it again,” Wolfdon said.

Toulouse kept his eyes closed, his peaceful concentration never wavering, and the golden light from Kosmos flashed off his chin. Then Kosmos slowly lifted into the air and hovered above Toulouse’s palm, a brilliant twist of gold.

Wolfdon felt a stone in his throat. He swallowed, trying to ignore it. He remembered being trapped in the coffin in the crypt thousands of years in the future, and making the kitten Bastet float in the air.

Kosmos slowly lowered, and his scales returned to their ruby hue. Toulouse opened his eyes. “We’re not entirely helpless,” he said.

“But you can only do that with Kosmos,” Wolfdon pointed out.


“So,” Wolfdon said, pushing his long, dark hair from his eyes, “floating snakes won’t form Aizai.”







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