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Broken Family

A mother of two is found dead along the shore of a lake, and the suspects are piling up.
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Author: Kevin Hopson

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Broken Family

by Kevin Hopson

Genre  Crime/Mystery

Tags  Crime, mystery, death, murder, police, sheriff, suspect, investigation

Release  March 21, 2014

Editor  Christine I. Speakman

Line Editor  Penny Ehrenkranz

Words  7100

Pages  34

ISBN  978-1-77127-499-9

Price  $2.50

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Sheriff Joseph Mauro is summoned to a local lake in Stone County, having received a report of a dead woman along the water’s shore. With foul play a possibility, he utilizes the help of his two female deputies in questioning family members and friends. As the three of them search for clues and possible motives, the case takes an unexpected turn, and Sheriff Mauro must rely on his instincts if he is going to weed out the killer.


“Who’s the victim?” A woman’s voice inquired from behind.

Joe didn’t even bother turning around. He knew who it was.

“Claire Gass,” he said. “Is Ira with you?”

“She’s coming down the hill right now,” the woman answered.

Joe rotated his head with his knee to the ground, looking in the direction of the deputy. Janelle Bowden, an African-American woman with wide brown eyes, stared back at him. Her coffee-colored hair was tied up in a bun.

“Looks like someone hit her over the head and dumped the body here,” Joe said. “A fisherman discovered her early this morning when he was putting his trailer in the water.”

“A forced drowning?” Janelle asked.

Joe shook his head. “I don’t think so. The body would be bloated and show signs of decay. Plus, it can take days or weeks for a drowned body to surface. They usually float on top of the water, not wash up on the shore of a still lake. This body is fresh. I figure she died in the last twelve hours.”





Monday, 22 September 2014
An easy to read short murder mystery. Kevin touches on a sensitive topic which makes this story quite unique. It made me stop and think. I recommend this book to anyone liberal in their thinking.
Well done, Kevin. I plan to read more of your stories.
Thursday, 10 April 2014
How lucky can the Ladybug be getting my whiskers and little feelers on KEVIN HOPSON Short Story...LOOO

We here at Ladybug and Kitty Kat HOT SEAT REVIEWS are long time fans of Kevin Hopson. Every book offered via Muse It Up Publishing by this talented author have been read and reread since his debut on October 1, 2010.

With each new book/short story, we are consistently impressed with the richness of detail one would not expect in such short epochs. This one, BROKEN FAMILY...cover by equally gifted Cora Graphics, is no different.

A woman's body is found discarded by the local lake. Sheriff Joseph Mauro and two of his deputies begin an investigation...

A secret marriage...an insurance policy...an annoyed daughter and her boyfriend...are tendrils the Sheriff and his staff begin to follow. Where will they lead?

Kevin takes us along for the ride as clues, and mis-clues pull us down a convoluted path...that may...or may not lead to murder. With Kevin's talents for taking a seemingly straight forward tale and tossing mini-bombs into the mix, you never know where he's leading you.

FIVE STARS for Kevin Hopson and his soon-to-be-released BROKEN FAMILY


An exquisite marriage between story teller and cover designer.

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