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Stormy Love

A woman alone in a gloomy old mansion, a suspicious cop, an impending storm – what could possible go wrong?
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Jillian Bennett’s world falls apart when her fiancé dumps her. Then unexpectedly a mysterious aunt dies and leaves her a Victorian House on Amelia Island off the coast of Florida. Jillian pulls up stakes, vows to start a new life and moves to Florida to open a bed and breakfast, only to discover she’s inherited a dump. Jobless, near penniless and out of options, she has no choice but to stay.

Seth Falconer, a local cop, thinks the house is the hub of drug activity and suspects Jillian of being involved. His beloved sister died of an overdose at the house and he will do anything to find out who supplied her with drugs.

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Title Stormy Love
Author Carlene Rae Dater
Genre Romantic Suspense
Release September 5, 2017
Designer Charlotte Volnek
ISBN E-978-1-77127-937-6 -- P-978-1-77127-938-3
Length 245 PAGES
Price E-BOOK $5.99 -- PAPERBACK $10.99
Tags Mystery, romance, hidden treasure, lost memories.


“You wear a jacket too, Mama. Them’s the rules.” The child smiled, parroting her mother’s oft-repeated warning.

Glancing once more toward the trees, the woman saw two burley men emerge and start toward them, moving fast. Metal glinted in the waning sunlight as one pulled an object out of his coat pocket. She hoped it was a pair of binoculars, but feared it might be a gun. She could see they both wore gloves. That scared her more than anything else did.

The men would be on the dock in seconds. Her stomach cramped. Her eyes flew around the dock scrutinizing the area for a weapon. There was nothing. It was up to her now. She had to protect her child. Escape was their only hope.

“Guess mine’s at the house. Don’t worry, Sweetie. The seat cushion floats. We’ll be okay. We’re only going for a short ride.” Placing an oar against the dock, she pushed with all her strength. The dinghy lumbered out into the water. Sweat poured down her face.

Wrapping the starter cord around her fist, she yanked. It took three tries before the motor turned over. Salty spray spattered her face, burning her eyes, blurring her vision. She opened the throttle wide. The boat jumped, slamming into rolling surf, bouncing over the whitecaps. The sun disappeared behind furious gray clouds. The wind grew stronger. Angry waves barreled in.

“Slow down, Mama! I’m scared!” The child fought to hang on, grasping at the side of the bench.

“I’m sorry, baby,” her mother shouted above the rising din. “We’re going to go out a ways into the bay, then circle around to town. Mama’s going to find a nice policeman to help us.” A gust of wind snatched her words out of her mouth. Thunder rumbled, lightening flashed. Black squall clouds trampled across the sky, dumping a torrent of rain on the boat. It rocked, floundering in the strong waves.

The dinghy rounded a protected outcropping of land into the open sea. The full fury of the storm lashed at the boat. The motor dipped in and out of the water, sputtered, then died. Wave after wave hit the vessel. The woman braced herself in the back of the boat, ripping at the motor cord. The useless motor hung off the stern. She struggled to shove the oars in the locks. She succeeded, but her efforts were futile against the raging weather.

“Stay where you are, baby.” She smiled to hide her terror from her child. “I’ll move over and hold you. We’ll be all right. The boat will drift to shore.” Watching to gauge the waves, the woman fought to stand. Two giant waves hit the boat broadside, one right after the other. Before the woman had a chance to grab a handhold, she catapulted over the side. Above the howling wind, the child heard the terrible sound of her mother’s head hitting the side of the boat. Viscous red fluid fanned out around dark hair, in a crimson halo.

Huddled in the middle of the boat, the child screamed, “Mama!







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