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Summer's Lost

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Author: Kristy Brown

Deep down, Summer knows something important is missing. Something her head can’t remember, but her heart won’t let her forget.

Alex must find her before his people do.

With no-one at his side, and a black-eyed enemy from the past hunting them, can he put all feelings aside and fight for the girl he loves once again?

Their fate is already written.

The prophecy is already set.

Is love between them impossible?


Summer's Lost  
Kristy Brown  
The Summer Solstice: Book 2  
YA Paranormal Romance  
End of the World. Angels. Demons. Chosen one. Ritual. Sacrifice. Romance. Soulmates. University. Friendship.  


And what’s with the whole twin thing? One looks at me like he wants to do me in, the other looks at me like he wants to... And then there’s the huge question concerning the so-called bike accident. The green-eyed twin suggested it never happened…that my friends are lying to me? I can’t believe that. I won’t. Yet, my mind is patchy with so many blanks to fill…I can’t get that guy out of my thoughts…the cute one not the evil one. Maybe it’s a coping mechanism, so my brain focuses on him and not my impending death…

Then there’s the fight at the club…it was like everyone had a switch flipped and just went crazy. If I believed in witchcraft…there are too many unanswered questions. I’m cold and half naked in Liv’s little dress. Wishing now I’d opted for jeans and a big sweatshirt. Wishing that guy hadn’t left me alone earlier and that I hadn’t been such a brat. Hindsight must be a wonderful thing…

Listening, there are no other cars behind us. We haven’t passed one in ages. Where the hell are we going? Laughter from my kidnappers’ echoes around the small space. A tear drips slowly across my cheek and over my nose. There’s no family to pay a ransom. They may torture me or do stuff that I can’t even think about. Stretching Liv’s dress over my knees, this is the second time tonight I’ve felt like puking.

My breath catches in my throat as the car comes to a sudden stop. I can’t breathe. Heavy footsteps make their way to the rear end of the vehicle. Gasping, gulping for air when the bonnet cranks open and night’s cold arms wrap themselves around me.

“Please?” I whimper.

“Please? Did you hear that boys? The lady has manners.” Their laughter angers me. Sweating, my skin vibrates with heat. Grubby fat hands grab at me, I thrash against them like a wild animal. I won’t go down without a fight.



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