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The Extended Journey of a Different Necromancer

Thomas must use all he knows to get back his wife, the beacon in his insanity.
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Author: James Crofoot

The Extended Journey of a Different Necromancer

by James J Crofoot

The Necromancer Series Book 3

Genre Dark Fantasy

Tags Undead, magic, ghosts, adventure, fantasy, zombies, necromancer

Imprint The Locked Door

Release February 2015

Content Editor Christine I Speakman

Line Editor Les Tucker

Cover Designer Charlotte Volnek

Words 48258

Pages 180

ISBN 978-1-77127-667-2

Price $5.50

Back Cover

At Chris' 'urgings' Thomas agrees reluctantly to attend the coronation of the Prince and Princess, Kaly and Aurora A coronation he helped bring about. His magic he sometimes wishes he never learned changes. What the necromancer doesn't know is slavers are raiding the coast, putting his family in danger’s path

Again and again he is called upon to use the magic he will see die, but now…now he pulls together all he knows to save his beacon of sanity. No matter the cost.


In the morning, Shamus led the necromancer to the charred skeleton frames of what once could only be the remains of a home and animal shed. Oddly, the door frame and thick wooden door still stood. Almost as if the family waited behind it to greet the necromancer with their ghostly pale forms. Although Thomas wore a thick cloak now, the morning rains still soaked him to his marrow.

"I knew these people," Shamus said as he led them into the clearing surrounding the buildings. "I thought to make the boy my squire next spring when he turned thirteen. He could have served under me well. Instead, thanks to our gracious lord Regent, we buried them last week. Do you want to know their crime? I'll tell you. Old Midger here hid half a score of his hens in the woods when the taxers came. The hens were discovered. The rest is apparent."

The leader let the words hang in the air for a moment, adding, "The graves are over here. What do you plan on doing?"

"I need the teeth from the bodies." Thomas looked for something to dig with.

"You need the…" Shamus turned a pale green. "Of course, of course. Kyle told me you'd do something like that."

Only one shovel could be found so Shamus helped with a half burnt plank. The necromancer rethought his opinion of the man a bit, as he helped where others would balk and stand off in disgust and judgment.

"Tell me." Thomas tossed a heavy shovel full of mud onto the growing pile next to the grave. "Do the ends justify the means?"

The leader scrapped more of the mud onto the same mound. "My aunt, the twins' mother , gave me a set of scrolls once; she was a great one for learning. Any way, she gave me these scrolls, written some centuries ago by a philosopher named Tyrel, I believe he was dwarvish. One of the scrolls had a passage, 'Some must damn their souls for others to remain innocent.' "



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