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The Fire King

Three dragon siblings seek vengeance against a human mage after their homeland is destroyed.
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Author: Kevin Hopson
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The Fire King

by Kevin Hopson

Genre Young Adult Fantasy

Tags Dragons, castles, knights, volcanoes, undead, apocalypse, mages, dwarfs, dwarves, perpetual winter, desert

Release April 21, 2015

Editor Christine I. Speakman

Cover Designer Celairen

Words 21814

Pages 94

ISBN 978-1-77127-709-9

Price $3.50

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The planet Oabrora faces a perpetual winter after a human mage, Vico, causes all of the volcanos in the dragon homeland of Jifihx to erupt. Three dragon siblings—Mianth, Tulvir, and Hirador—survive the blast and set out on a journey to bring Vico to justice. However, when they cross paths with two humans, they discover a far worse enemy than Vico.


Mianth and her brothers flew below the cloud base, making sure they could see clearly from all angles. An unexpected visitor from above was always a possibility, but she preferred to put distance between them and the ground. The sub-freezing temperatures at their elevation gripped Mianth with claws sharper than her own, pushing her lungs to the brink of exhaustion. Leading the group, she dove and glided for several seconds, letting the air do the work for her. Her brothers followed suit, flanking Mianth on each wing.

“Down there,” Hirador barked. The heavy head wind made it difficult to hear, so they had to speak loudly when conversing with one another.

Mianth dipped her head to examine the prairie land below. Once green and lush, only a blanket of snow could be seen. The river narrowed, trickling along the edge of the flat terrain as trees sporadically popped up on both sides. It took her a few seconds, but she noticed movement.

Two humans, a male and a female, ran with purpose. The fact that Mianth saw nothing chasing them disturbed her even more. Sometimes the worst predators were those you couldn’t see.

“Maybe they spotted us,” Hirador said.

“I don’t think so,” Mianth replied. “If anything, they’re running toward us.” She watched their behavior closely, the two humans turning their heads frequently as they ran “See that,” she pointed out. “They’re looking behind them.”

“Perhaps a shadow stalker,” Tulvir commented.

“It could be any number of things,” Mianth answered.



Friday, 31 March 2017
"The Fire King' is a lovely YA novella in two parts about a dragon family on a mission to avenge the destruction of their world. Against their better judgement, Mianth, the blue dragon, and her two brothers, rescue and befriend human teenagers, Camila and Keagan. The teens lead the dragons to the realm of Vico, the enemy who, we are told, caused all the volcanos to erupt and turned the dragons' homeland to ice.

The author, Kevin Hopson, draws us into the dragons' adventure with the first sentence: "I say we kill every human left" and keeps us hooked with the interaction of fascinating, well rounded characters and their dangerous encounters in a winter world with just a hint of summer. I loved the majestic dragon Mianth. She is a strong, courageous leader who acts swiftly and wisely. Her brother dragons have unique personalities as do the secondary characters. The dwarf Modrad and Camila, in particular, appealed to me and the many black and white character illustrations inside the print book are amazing and beautiful.

There is plenty of excitement in 'The Fire King', with twists and turns. The unexpected shocks had me gasping.

I wanted to stay longer with these engaging characters in this visually changing world where I felt I belonged. I want more. This feels like an evolving story, so I would certainly read a prequel and a sequel to 'The Fire King' if they become available.
Wendy Laharnar
Tuesday, 09 June 2015
Have you ever thought of dragons being a family, like humans are? Caring for one another? Sometimes disagreeing, like brothers and sisters do? I never had. I mean, a dragon’s a dragon. Right? Some are good; some are evil.

Then I read Author Kevin Hopson’s YA fantasy novel, THE FIRE KING, and met Mianth, Tulvir, and Hirador, dragon siblings. They do not always agree with one another, yet they will defend each other when one is threatened. Pretty much like many human siblings. When volcanic eruptions destroy their home, the dragons set out to get revenge.

Along the way they meet Camilla and Keagan, humans. They have encounters with undead dragons and more adventures than you can imagine. Will they succeed in their mission?

Kevin Hopson has created characters that are not perfect. They make mistakes, like humans and dragons, in this story, do. The author throws in a surprise or two, as well, at least they surprised me. He takes you to a fantasy land where survival is not guaranteed. So, come along on a magical journey where the unexpected can happen. You’ll be happy you did.
Beverly Stowe McClure

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