Mary Andrews


Mary Andrews, born in Salina, Kansas but raised in England, Hawaii, and Texas, was the eldest of seven children in a military family. Happily married for over fourteen years, she has three sons who have grown into good men with great families of their own.

Mary is an unconventional thinker who thrives ‘out of the box.’ Her favorite question is: WHY, since once you find that answer, everything else makes more sense and can be dealt with. She claims little fear of change: in fact, she has adventured through many career choices, testing both the waters and distant horizons before finally realizing a love for writing.

Currently residing in Lubbock, Texas Mary continues to follow her muse, or rather, document its whereabouts, from a recreational past through the Society for Creative Anachronisms to the barely unfolding universes in her mind. She heartily welcomes all input and comments at: The Fireborn Chronicles


Series: The Fireborn Chronicles

Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy


Book 2  alt

Against a psychic vampire and his strange twin,
a Dark Ops team and Corporate Archangels
must rescue a Universal Government Agent. 




Book 3
Prophesy said they would save the Oracle Planet
but it never said how and now it’s up to the Nemesis Team
and their uneasy allies to figure that out. 


Book 1 in the series can be found at THE FIREBORN CHRONICLES


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