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Valerie Fletcher Adolph

 Val Adolph lives near the fictional town of New Derby with a couple of cats and a view of the Fraser River and the Coast Mountains. She has two adult children and two grandsons, all of whom are taller than she is.

While physically she tries to live in the 21st century, mentally she likes to century hop across the last couple of millennia. Emotionally, she is grounded (more or less) by world-class friends and family.

Val Adolph is an award-winning author with fiction and non-fiction published in magazines, newspapers and journals in Canada, the US and England. She is the author of half a dozen books and editor/author of half a dozen more.

She has published short stories, fiction for children, feature articles and a long-running newspaper column

A public speaker who has addressed large and small audiences live and on television and radio, she writes an occasional blog [ thestorysolver.com ] about speech writing.

Her interests, besides writing, are social history, storytelling and public speaking.


Genre Historical Fiction

Tags bride ship, British Columbia, Canada, Fraser River Gold Rush, gold rush, Victorian, women’s history

Release October 6, 2014

Pages 357

ISBN 978-1-77127-576-7

Price $5.95

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The year is 1862, and the Fraser River Gold Rush is at its height. Miners dominate the little town of New Derby, and they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of bride ships from England.

Scared, but eager for a new life, three very different young women step from a bride ship onto the rough shores of British Columbia. Elinor, the pampered adopted child of an elderly aristocrat, wants to escape her strict aunt and the stifling prospect of marriage, but her elegant manners are no preparation for the realities of frontier living. Clever Rosie, a prostitute since childhood, has chosen an uncertain future over prison and the workhouse. Janet has left the poverty of London, longing for a home and a husband, and a better life.

The three of them have formed an unlikely friendship during the hellish voyage. That friendship will be severely tested as they face discrimination, abuse, unlikely success, the possibility of love…and the threat of deportation. Will they be strong enough to survive in this rough new land, a land of gold miners, riverboats—and men unused to dealing with women who stand alone and face them as equals?

Gold series

Genre Historical Mystery

Tags Canadian Gold Rush, Canada, Gold Miners

Release August 11, 2015

Pages 239

ISBN 978-1-77127-729-7

Price $5.95

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Nancy Darke has exchanged a mill town in Yorkshire for a gold rush town in the wilds of Western Canada, hoping for fresh start. Unexpectedly widowed, she does the only thing she can—opens a boarding house. The town folk, led by the preacher and the saloon owner, are determined to believe it’s a brothel, and all Nancy’s protests fall on deaf ears. Then the preacher is found murdered on her doorstep, and with the help of the constable’s wife, Nancy is determined to prove it wasn’t her. She also has to prove she isn’t a bawd…but that may turn out to be a fight she doesn’t want to win after all.

Series   Golden Series
Author   Valerie Fletcher Adolph
Genre   Historical Mystery
Release    July 18, 2016
Length   236 pages
ISBN   978-1-77127-813-3
Price   $5.99
Tags   Historical, mystery, women, gold rush, gold,

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Nancy Darke is intrigued when a mysterious veiled lady arrives in the gold rush settlement of Bishopstown. However, she’s annoyed when all the men, even the two she calls friends, seem unduly attracted to the veiled lady.

Nancy, confident in being the youngest and most attractive businesswoman in town, has promised the man who loved her to keep an eye on young Zack, son of a gold miner. When this gold miner turns up dead, with his partner strongly suspected of his murder, Nancy gets involved. She is attacked and the partner is killed.

The veiled lady is far too feminine and helpless to have any part in this. That Nancy would even consider it is simply jealousy. Or is it?










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