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Chuck Bowie

Chuck Bowie is a genre writer whose strengths lie in writing smart fiction, warm passages and crisp, clever dialogue.

Chuck began writing short stories, essays and magazine articles. He currently sits on council as the Atlantic Canadian Representative for The Writers’ Union of Canada.

He’s just finishing the manuscript for the first in a Cozy Mystery series, and will begin writing Book 5 in the Thief4Hire series later in 2018.

Underwater Road is the fourth in his Donovan: Thief For Hire suspense-thriller series, and the first with scenes set in his home province of New Brunswick.

He’s married to Lois Williams, and has two grown sons: Jonathan and Matthew.
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Series: Donavan: Thief for Hire

Genre: Suspense Thriller

Release: February 1, 2013

Pages  77105

Words  240

ISBN  978-1-77127-258-2

Price  $5.95

Sean Donovan is doing all right; he has two offshore bank accounts and an American one as well and all three are filling up nicely. His network of clients know his business plan: he is willing to acquire whatever rare or inaccessible product is needed, be it the security plans to an art gallery, a rare Etruscan goblet or a recorded conversation from a former American President. And he will steal it and deliver it to them, no questions asked nor answered.

But he is becoming dissatisfied. In addition to the physical wear and tear inflicted on his body by adversaries, he is now becoming weary of the toll his newly-discovered conscience is exacting from these highly illegal exploits. A series of lies to his most recent client has caused him to think about the impact of his deeds and he doesn’t like how it makes him feel. An idea begins to form; what if he was to undo his last three wrongs? And what if he nevertheless wants to benefit from turning over this new leaf?

This story follows Sean Donovan as he travels from Bucharest to London to Montreal and New York. Will he repent his wicked ways? Will he quit the business before those who he has wronged catch up to him? Will he discover that three wrongs don’t make a right?

Genre Suspense Thriller
Series  Donovan: Thief For Hire
Tags Suspense, thriller, thief, thief for hire, wine, travel, food, music, three, trio, mask, cask, task, AMACAT, Donovan, England, France, river cruise, Montreal, New York City, London, Avignon, Arles, Gaia, Three Wrongs, Steal It All,
Release October 17, 2014
Words 79000
Pages 308
ISBN 978-1-77127-602-3
Price $5.95

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Second in the Donovan: Thief For Hire thriller series, Sean Donovan is embroiled in a triplet of trouble.

His sister’s newly ex-boyfriend, an obsessed art collector, dumped an ugly, but valuable fish mask in her lap. A mask being hunted by a lethal insurance agent.

Beth McLean, barely an acquaintance from London, is being framed. She reaches out to the only person she believes can help clear her name. Who at the Canadian embassy is behind this treachery?

Or is it all connected to his nemesis, Gaia? And did the multimillionaire art dealer order the murder of Donovan’s ex-girlfriend as the ultimate payback?

All this falls into Donovan’s lap, and he still cannot stop himself from a small side trip to find a stolen cask of the last great batch of Provençal pinot noir wine. Too much baggage? Read A Mask, A Cask and A Task: AMACAT.

Series Donovan: Thief for Hire
Genre Suspense Thriller
Release January 26, 2016
Length 254 pages
ISBN 978-1-77127-776-1
Price $5.99
Tags Murder, Theft, London, Niagara, Ambleside, England, Canada, Lakes District, Gang, Consortium, New York City, Art, Scotland Yard, RCMP, Romania, Bucharest, Vineyard, Hammersmith, Gaia, Embassy, Ambassador,
The third story in the series Donovan: Thief For Hire, begins with a brutal daylight murder of an English citizen in the Canadian embassy in London, England. The ambassador calls upon a combination of Scotland Yard and the RCMP .
Then there’s the ace up his sleeve. Sean Donovan, a thief for hire who doubles as a security consultant.
But Donovan isn’t nearby. He’s in Canada, learning about the business of winemaking and thinking about his new girl, and contemplating his recent exit from the business of theft.
Even as he inches away from a life of crime, an art collector he owes a favor to, approaches him: is he willing to do the tiniest of thefts? Would Donovan track down a missing piece of art? Can the collector, Gaia, be trusted? Of course not. Can Donovan resist? Of course not. Is there easy money to be made? Oh, yes.
Nothing is ever easy for him.
Donovan may be betting his life on this gig.
Series Donovan: Thief for Hire
Genre Suspense Thriller
Release 2018
ISBN 978-1-77392-006-1
Length 256 pages
Price 5.99
Tags International travel, contract thief, winery, art theft, resort town, secrets, smuggling, family intrigue.
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Tricia Parker was a woman with a past; one that led to a marriage break-up and the complete severance of ties to her very wealthy ex-husband and daughter. Fifteen years later, Tricia suddenly appears, wanting to talk to her daughter, and a day later, Tricia’s body washes up on an underwater road. The prime suspects are her daughter and ex-husband, who are summering in St. Andrews.

Friends who see their predicament contact Donovan and Beth, who are no strangers to murder, and who have certain skills in solving crimes.

As Donovan begins piecing together the elements of the case, he happens upon an old acquaintance, a particularly nasty art thief who shouldn’t even be in that part of the country.

The Body On The Underwater Road is a story set in two countries. It’s about estranged families, old money, and secrets. And murder.

Series Donovan: Thief for Hire
Genre Suspense Thriller
Release 2020
ISBN 978-1-77392-063-4    Available in paperback
Length 256 pages
E-Price 6.99
Tags International travel, contract thief, winery, art theft, resort town, secrets, smuggling, family intrigue.


Book 5 from Chuck Bowie's Donovan: Thief for Hire series...
The problem, the secret, the decision.
Donovan agrees to retrieve a stolen cell phone for his friend Gemma. This is a simple enough task. Then, he decides to determinewhy the phone is important, and on it views a crime being planned. One crime leads to another, and each case escalates in its level of complication, seriousness and darkness.
He cannot lose sight, though, that at one time he was broken. The victim he is attempting to rescue is broken, as is his partner-in-crime. Will they be strong enough?
Sean Donovan follows each crime from Ireland to England, deciding each time to continue on in an effort to save the lives of the victims. As the crime that began in Dublin circles back around to Dublin, he is confronted with the stakes in this deadly, dark game.


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