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Dianne Barr

 You can find me in Idaho where I work as an IT Systems Technician by day and stock shelves at a popular department store at night. I’m surrounded by two and four-legged creatures; a dog, cat and attack guinea pig, a 22 and 17 year old son, and my hubby. I play my music (80’s hair band and current top 40) louder than they do and love football.
You can find me writing and researching the next books in the series. I am fascinated by Egyptology, Archaeology and forensics. by my blog or website (coming soon) to check out what adventures are coming next.


Urban Fantasy Romance

Available in Ebook & Print


A demon-hunter faces the ultimate threat
when her prey awakens a blood-thirsty
Egyptian Goddess who shares their
hatred for humanity. The hunter
becomes the hunted.
Can she destroy the one whom
she is descended from? 

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