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Jade Brieanne

At the not so tender age of eight, when she should have been immersing herself in the pleasure of learning math, Jade Brieanne was busy hunched over a desk–with its own personal cubby hole because elementary school rocked–writing a story about a child who gets a surprise visit from a house-eating robot.

Her love for writing only grew from that point. And it was ugly. Plot bunnies, little green ones with bucked teeth and wild eyes, attacked her at all times of the day, and were relentless at night. Now Jade and these plot bunnies–who get prettier every year–have called an armistice. Instead of the bunnies trying to rip ideas though her hair follicles, they now cultivate together. It’s quite amicable. And it only took twenty years.

Jade Brieanne is a thirty-year-old with the wild imagination of a sugar-addled fifth grader. She is from Fayetteville, North Carolina, and is the eldest daughter of four. She is a member of the IC. She is a Colt from Cape Fear High School, and an Aggie from NC A&T SU. She likes epics, Hip-Hop, K-Pop and manga.

And she’s a writer.

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Urban Fantasy

How do you save the life of someone who has already died?









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